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Ready, Set, PLANT! This is my take on a Plants vs. Zombies mod for Minecraft.

This one is focused on accessibility and gameplay for the Survival gamemode.

(Mod is currently on HIATUS. Don't expect any updates for a while. I'll come back to work on this later, i promise.)

(Alpha phase! content is subject to change)


  • A Variety of plants to defend your brains, such as Sun Producers, Peashooters and Instant-Use plants!
  • Relentless zombies that will track you from long distance to get a sip of that brain juice.
  • Advancements!
  • Music discs for Grasswalk, Moongrains, Watery Graves, Rigor Mormist, Graze The Roof, Loonboon, Cerebrawl and Brainiac Maniac.
  • New blocks.
  • A new biome

Download Link:


Known Issues:

- Plant projectiles do not go through other plants.


  •  Peashooter

     Peashooters are your main line of defense. They fire peas at zombies.

  •  Sunflower

     Sunflowers power your war machine. Right-click them to obtain sun under direct sunlight.

  •  Cherry Bomb

            Cherry Bombs are single-use powerful plants that explode shortly after you plant them, devastating any zombies caught in it's range.

  • Potato Mine

            Potato Mines take 30 seconds to arm themselves, and once they are armed, they will explode the first zombie that touches it.

  • Wall-Nut

            Wall-Nuts are bulky defensive plants that block zombies and protect your other plants.

  • Iceberg Lettuce

            Iceberg Lettuces completely freeze a zombie for 10 seconds.

  • Endurian

            Endurians are plants with high health that stab zombies who bite it.

  •  Snow Pea

             Snow Peas fire peas that slow down zombies.

  •  Primal Peashooter

             Primal Peashooters fire peas that push zombies back.

  •  Goo Peashooter

     Goo Peashooters fire peas that poison zombies.

  •  Sweet Pea

             Sweet Peas fire peas that weaken zombies.

  •  Lighting Reed

             Lightning Reeds fire electric charges that may spread to nearby zombies.

  •  Puff-Shroom

             Puff-Shrooms are dirt-cheap attackers, however they have a short range and start to die when in contact with sunlight.

  •  Sun-Shroom

             Sun-Shrooms are like Sunflowers, but instead of collecting sun at day, you do it at night.

  •  Fume-Shroom

             Fume-Shrooms are short-ranged shooters that briefly stun zombies they hit.

  •  Scaredy-Shroom

             Scaredy-Shrooms are long-range shooters that hide when zombies come near them.

  • Doom-Shroom

           Doom-Shrooms are single-use plants that explode violently on a large radius, killing most zombies caught in it's range. However, it does leave a crater on your lawn.

  •  Plantern

            Planterns reveal invisible Bandit Zombies in it's range.

  •  Squash

            Squash instantly kills a zombie in close range.

  •   Gloom-Shroom

            Gloom-Shrooms attack nearby zombies rapidly and regenerate their health after hurt.


  •  Browncoat 

             Browncoats are the cannon fodder of the zombies. They eat your plants, and if you're unlucky, your brains.

  •  Conehead

             Coneheads are over twice as tough as Browncoats.

  •  Buckethead

             Bucketheads are five times as tough as Browncoats.

  • Brickhead

             Brickheads are almost twice as tough as Bucketheads.

  •  Flag

             Whenever spawned, Flag Zombie summons a horde of zombies with him.

  • Football Zombie

            Football Zombies are faster and stronger than most zombies.

  •  Jack-In-The-Box

             Jack-In-The-Box Zombies explode whenever they get close to your most valuable plants.

  •  Bandit

     Bandits go invisible and gain resistance whenever they are hit, however the ability is lost when in the range of a Plantern.

  • Pirate variants of Browncoats, Coneheads, Bucketheads, Brickheads and Flag Zombies.

            Pirates are stronger but slower compared to regular zombies.

            All pirates spawn only on beach, shore biomes and rivers.

  • Seagull Pirate

    Seagull Pirates ignore small plants and are faster than most pirates.

Modification files
Vickers' Plants vs. Zombies 1.0.0.jar - Mod ReleaseUploaded on: 07/23/2023 - 17:55   File size: 18.07 MB
Vickers' Plants vs. Zombies 1.0.1_1.jar - Additions UpdateUploaded on: 07/26/2023 - 20:51   File size: 18.31 MB
Vickers' Plants vs. Zombies 1.0.2.jar - Defensive UpdateUploaded on: 07/29/2023 - 16:10   File size: 18.47 MB

1.0.0 - Mod published.

1.0.1 - Additions Update

(Major Changes)
- Added 4 new plants: Goo Peashooter, Doom-Shroom, Fume-Shroom and Gloom-Shroom.

- Added 2 new blocks and a tool: Lawn Tiles and Gardening Shovel.

- Plants can now only be soiled on Lawn Tiles. Right-click a Grass Block with the Gardening Shovel to turn it into a Lawn Tile.


(Minor Changes)

- Increased the health of all plants.

- Added 3 new advancements.
- Removed the Graveyard structure.

- Modified most zombie spawn rates.

1.0.2 - Defensive Update

(Major Changes)

- Added 3 new plants: Wall-Nut, Potato Mine and Endurian.

- Added 1 new zombie: Brickhead Zombie.


(Minor Changes)

- Added 1 new advancement.

- Fixed Graves.

- Fixed Fume-Shroom's particles.

- Fixed a bug where Gloom-Shroom would start shooting faster permanently after being hurt.

- Fixed a bug where Puff-Shroom and Fume-Shroom could be pushed by the player and other entities.

- Added a 2-second cooldown to harvesting sun from Sunflowers and Sun-Shrooms.

- Added more sound effects.

 1.0.3 - Scallywag Update

(Major Changes)
- Added 2 new plants: Lightning Reed and Sweet Pea.

- Added 6 new zombies: Pirate Zombie, Conehead Pirate, Buckethead Pirate, Barrelhead Pirate, Flag Pirate and Seagull Pirate.

Pirates take extra damage from plants like Lightning Reed.

- Added 1 new grave: Pirate Grave.

- Reworked Graves. They now spawn zombies of their theme ranging from Browncoats to Brickheads with a Random Number Generator.

- Added 2 new blocks: Plank Tiles.

(Minor Changes)

- Added 2 new advancements.

- Fixed Jack-In-The-Box Zombie's spawning.

- Graves disappear on daytime. - Scallywag Update

(Major Changes)

- Added 1 new plant: Iceberg Lettuce.

- Added 1 new zombie: Football Zombie.

(Minor Changes)

- Added 1 new advancement.

- Tweaked Cherry Bomb and Potato Mine's explosion particles.

- Fixed the "Ahoy!" advancement's position on the tab.

I will now be using download links on Mediafire as the mod's size limit exceeds 20 MB!