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Tired of traveling with low health, small jumps, and the inability to fly?

Oh, no? Okay.

Well, this mod is here anyways!

Find hidden ? Blocks scattered throughout the world to uncover their treasures and gain random abilities from various games!

Click the link below to see this mod in action!


Here's a list of all powers at the moment and what they do:


Super Mushroom - Grants strength

1-Up Mushroom - Grants a health boost (may be to overpowered)

Golden Mushroom - Grants a massive speed boost and haste

Weird Mushroom - Jump super high! (because why not?)

Fire Flower - Pelt enemies with flames

Boomerang Flower - Throw boomerangs that do the things boomerangs do

Superball Flower - It shoots balls. That's all I've got.

Hammer Suit - Become the annoying Hammer Bro today, with a small price of digging out an entire chunk of your world!

Starman - Become invincible, but use it wisely...

P-Balloon - Float through the air, but I don't recommend this way of travel

Super Leaf - Fly through the air easily! (and do 8.5 damage if your into that kind of thing)

Cape Feather - Launches you higher than the Super Leaf will, also does 1 extra damage.

Goomba's Shoe - Run fast and jump high...! Wait, you only wear one shoe...

Warp Whistle - Warp upwards out from underground! ( think of it as the escape rope from Pokemon)

Scuba Gear - You know what this does... the real question is do you know what LittleBigPlanet is?

Shield - Genesis does what Nintendon't

Bubble Shield - Protect yourself and not have to inhale oxygen!

Ghostshroom - attacks monsters for yo- I mean with you!

Voltshroom - ZAP

Settings - Just for fun, cannot be obtained in Survival.

Thorau - When you don't feel like dealing with someone, just throw them!

Boomer - You like exlodin'? Sss-POW!

Slim - You can't see me, I'm... Okay, these references are getting out of hand

Barry - For defensive types, time it just right and you can shield an attack completely!

Ice Flower - I should have put this in V1...

Jetpack - probably the most carefree way to fly, but it only has so much fuel.

Grappling Hook - Latch onto and climb a surface!

Debug Mode - Now you too can be a hacker!

Sleepy Sheep - Put enemies to sleep! (yes this actually exists in Mario)

Flame Shield - Feel the burn!

Speed Shoes - Gotta go fast!

Frog Suit - *ribbit*

Sprint Hat - Hey look, another game that no one knows about! *cough cough* A Hat in Time *cough*

Bacon Soup - Horrifyingly tasty!

Pumpinator - Blow away your foes to the other side of the Specific Ocean! Wait, did you just say Specific?

Bombinator - Blow stuff up!

Cakinator - Use cakes to do whatever you want!

Spoutinator - Water! That's all it does.

Brewing Hat - Kaboom!


That's all! Let me know what else you want to see.

New power progress: New Powers out, more coming in the future...


Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Power-Up!(v1).jar - Not much here at the moment (V1)444.1 KB
Power-Up!(v2).jar - 22 new powers, wow! (V2)1.17 MB

V1- The Mod exists!

V2- Added 22 new powers and the following categories: A Hat in Time, Bendy, and Miscellaneous!

Bro, that's an AWSOME MOD, I dont say that because I m a mario Fellow follower D:

You included LBP. You have gained lots of respect from me just then.