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This mod is based on the Metroid video game franchise, I made this mod when I realized that the most recent metroid mod is for an old version of minecraft, prior to 1.7.10, and since I'm a fan of this saga, I configured to create this mod, this mod adds/will add new blocks, new dimensions, new weapons, new armor, new structures and new creatures, this mod is currently for 1.15.2 and probably newer versions as well, the mod is currently unplayable in survival, to obtain the objects you must go to the creative or to commands, however that will not be forever since at some point the vast majority of items will be possible to obtain in survival

Modification files
MetroidCraft-1-15-2 Alpha.jarUploaded on: 08/28/2022 - 05:46   File size: 1.07 MB


  • Added Mobs

-Metroid Larva
-Metroid Adult
-Egg Metroid
-Metroid Alpha
-Metroid Gamma
-Metroid Zeta
-Parasite X
-Cow X
-Chicke X
-Wolf X

  • Added Equipment

-Arm Cannon
-Power Suite
-Varia Suite
-Gravity Suite

  • Items

-Ice Beam Upgrade
-Varia Suite Upgrade
-Gravity Suite Upgrade
-Super Missiles

  • Blocks

-Missiles Tank
-Super Missiles Tank
-Item Core