The Pikmin mod!

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Introducing: The pikmin mod! In this mod, you will be able to find, pluck, and tame pikmin in Minecraft! Scattered about the world will be several dirt blocks with tiny stems poking out of it. Simply break this block and out will pop a pikmin of the same colour as the stem on the block!

There are 5 different types of pikmin, each with their own abilities:

-Red pikmin are immune to fire and deal extra damage to mobs.

-Yellow pikmin are immune to lightning strikes and explosions.

-Blue pikmin can swim and are immune to drowning.

-Purple pikmin have extra hp, but are slower.

-White pikmin are weaker and have less hp, but will poison mobs who kill it.


Bulborbs have also been added to the mod! They are large mobs with 60 hp, so you might want to avoid them during early game. They spawn in forests at night, and will attack both you and your pikmin if you come too close.


A new type of food is the strawberry! Or the sunseed berry, depending on where you're from. Blocks of them can be found in jungles, occasionally replacing melons. Breaking them will give you 9 strawberries. If you craft a container with 3 iron ingots on top, 3 glass panes in the middle, and 3 iron ingots on the bottom, you can combine it with a strawberry to get strawberry juice, which restores 9 hunger points.

A whistle is vital if you want to tame pikmin. luckily, all you need is 5 iron nuggets in any shape to make one! Simply right click on a pikmin, and it will follow you around, and attack whatever mob you attack.

And that's about it for the pikmin mod! Hope you enjoy!

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