[PATCH] The Trollcrafters: A TrollHunters Mod

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Mod Forum: https://mcreator.net/forum/87634/trollcrafters-trollhunters-mod-forum
This mod recommend the use of JEI to see all crafts
If you can't use the amulet of daylight, its not because it dosen't work, its cause you are not the Trollhunter in other words, the amulet didn't choose you when you first joined the world, use /trollcrafters type <player> trollhunter . to force daylight to be yours.

A few centuries ago, a sorcerer called Merlin created an artifact with incredible power, This artifact is the amulet of daylight, also known as the amulet of the troll hunter. Since the beginning of its existence, the amulet has always chosen valiant and courageous trolls to take on the role of Troll Hunter. The Hunter choosed by the amulet aims to protect the good trolls and fight the bad ones, the Gumm-Gumm. But this time, The Amulet decided to choose a human.


When the Player enter the world he have 30% of chance to become the TrollHunter, else he can become a Dark Wizard, or a Normal Human(Dark Wizard and Normal dosent have any abilities), You can also become a Troll Hunter by using Cheats. when you become the Troll Hunter, you get the Amulet of Daylight(DO NOT LOSE).


Patch Update 3.5:

Fixed Text Color, if a text is supposed to appear in color, then now it will. instead of showing <?>(aNumber)(text)
Fixed the size of Shadow Staff
Fixed Texture of Warhammer(Still no elytra fly)
Fixed Shadow Staff ability (portal creation)
Small Change: Exiting the Darklands using the portal will now teleport you to the portal's location in the overworld
Changed the leaves color of wildwood forest, now green,
Trolls only spawn at night in the wildwood, Stone Trolls can now despawn 30 seconds after they spawn(Gamerule, true by default, reduce lag)
Fixed Glaives, now player get them back when hitting a mob, even though he could just press Z

Added 2 new villagers, for now they don't spawn in village, you can probably find them just by exploring the world
These 2 new villagers, have no trades, but have 20% of chance to be a changeling
Added Changeling (3 types)

Added Gaggletack, crafted with trollsteel, iron and dark trollsteel
Hit a Custom Villager with a gaggletack, if he is a changeling, then he will transform (If you want to fight them(Will be stronger in next update) do it at night)


Gatto's spawn is buggy, sometime it spawn correctly, sometime no, you might have to go spectator mode to get inside)

I know that the Amulet don't keep the stones when you use it, im still trying to find a way to fix that.

Previous Update:

Now all commands were reunited into one: /trollcrafters <select>

Trollmarket: Where all common trolls are reunited and live in harmony (The Only one accessible without cheats, using a horngazel on stone(to get in and out))
Troll Swamp: You can find there The Swamp Trolls, And the statue of their dead king (Killstone on top of it)
Troll Volcano: Lava Troll there, The living(Not in this mod tho) Volcano Gatto too,(Birthstone)

Fixed the size of Excalibur

Modified the worthiness system, you can now give you a custom amount of worthiness points: /trollcrafters worthiness <Player> <amount>(limit of 5000)
You can also gain/lose worthiness depending on the mobs you kill(more details in next update)
A worthiness of at least 2500 is required to pull Excalibur out of the stone(and use it)

Right clicking Excalibur (Not the trollhunter one) will enchant it with Magicharge, dealing 550 Bonus Damage (5 minutes cooldown)

Daylight/Eclipse Shield buffed and nerfed: Will now protect you more from attacks(fall damage included), but have a limit of 5 blocks. after the 5 Blocks, the shield will go in cooldown for 10 seconds. (if you stop blocking before the limit, than it will reset back to 0, and the shield will go cooldown for 3 seconds)

A lot of NPCs were added:

Bosses,(for now they can't spawn in a legit way):

  • (Added) Morgana (the hardest, 1824 HP)
  • (Added) Angor Rot (Pretty easy, 500 HP (When under 250HP, have 40% of chance to drop his right eye, but will regain all his HP)
  • (Fixed) Full Power Gunmar (1024 HP, Stronger, Harder, Sword of Eclipse is still the only one that can kill him)
  • Gunmar (800 HP)


  • Added Swamp Troll
  • Added Lava Troll
  • 3 New types of common Trolls


  • Added Merlin (have no use for now)
  • Added Strickler (Have no use for now, but i have in mind a whole system of relationship, where if you become someone important for him, he will lend you the Eye of Gunmar)
  • Stone Trolls will get destroyed if you attack them, dropping Cobble, Stone, 20% Chances to drop Iron, 10% to drop Gold, 1% to drop Trollsteel, 0.1% to drop Trollsteel Block, and if the troll is a Gumm-Gumm, then 0.1% Chance to drop 1 Dark Trollsteel Ingot(Still no use for now tho)



Amulet of Daylight(If you are the Troll Hunter (All keys are by default): Press R to Transform, C to Detransform, X for Ability(Sword and Helmet))
Triumbric Stones(Creative only)

  • Birth Stone: Gives the Eclipse/Daylight Daggers (Press Ability 2 Key (Z by default) )
  • Kill Stone: Give a Shield
  • Gunmar Eye: Give a Helmet

Eclipse Armor and Sword: When the Player have all 3 Triumbric Stones, He can put them in the Amulet Of Daylight by Right Clicking the Amulet(Open a GUI with 6 Slot, 3 of them can only be used with the Triumbric Stones). When the Amulet Have all 3 Triumbric Stones, the Troll Hunter can press Shift+R to transform into the Eclipse version of the Daylight Armor, He also get a Shield(Kill Stone) and a Helmet(Gunmar Eye), Pressing X Gives the Sword of Eclipse and allow the player to open the Helmet or to Remove it. The player keep the Amulet in his inventory when Transforming into the Eclipse Troll Hunter, allowing him to change back to the Daylight Troll Hunter by pressing R.

Shadow Realm


Shadow Staff: Create a Portal to the Shadow Realm

Warhammer: Allow the Player to Elytra Fly

Wildwood Forest(New Biome)

Killahead Bridge: Spawn in the Wildwood Forest, is the only way to enter and exit the Darklands, The Portal to the Darklands spawn under the bridge and can only be opened by placing the Amulet of Daylight on the Bridge.


  • 3 Types of Trolls with 3 Different Colors for each types
  • Gumm-Gumm, Evil Troll, Spawns in the Darklands, will attack Other Type of Trolls and Players
  • Trolls will be transformed into Stone if they are attacked with Daylight/Eclipse Sword or when they are touched by Sunlight

3 custom stones:

  • Freeze Stone: Give Frost Walking Boots
  • Heat Stone: Allow the player to resist lava/fire
  • Ender Stone: Allow the player to Teleport (Shift+ Ability 1 Key)

ROTT's Amulet of daylight

Excalibur (Spawn in Forest Biome)

Staff of Avalon (No Abilities yet)

Daylight Workbench: Allow the player to create the Daylight Crystal. 

Wizard Infused Trollsteel (Created from Melting Trollsteel and Morgana's Hand)

Daylight Amulet Pieces

Craft for Daylight Amulet

Craft for ROTT's Daylight Amulet

Daylight Crystal Craft:

Daylight Crystal

New Stones:


Daylight Armor:

Daylight Armor

Eclipse Armor

Eclipse Armor

Darklands With Gumm-Gumm:


Killahead Bridge(Overworld, Open)


Killahead Bridge (Darklands)


What Trolls Become when they are Attacked with Daylight/Eclipse



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Can the owner add this mod to curseforge because I would make a modpack out of it?

Im looking for someone who is willing to continue the development of the mod, DM me on Discord

I wonder if this mod has a discord server, if so where is the link?

hey, i remembered this mod from nowhere and wanted to see if any progress has been made, reading through the comments it doesnt look that good though, this is the only good trollhunter mod and i want it to be greater, so if you have time and want to start this project then ill be glad to help, my dc is : watarbottle#3929

I made a new mod review on my new channel Dr. Fury and i found out that morgana does not fight.

What would be the situation on a multiplayer world, would there be multiple troll hunters?

this is so COOOOOL i love it tho something cool would be that if the player drops the amulet (prob wouldnt count for death item loss) the amulet returns to them if its possible