Trollcrafters: A TrollHunters Mod

Published by Ro... on Tue, 07/06/2021 - 15:28
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A few centuries ago, a sorcerer called Merlin created an artifact with incredible power, This artifact is the amulet of daylight, also known as the amulet of the troll hunter. Since the beginning of its existence, the amulet has always chosen valiant and courageous trolls to take on the role of Troll Hunter. The Hunter choosed by the amulet aims to protect the good trolls and fight the bad ones, the Gumm-Gumm. But this time, The Amulet decided to choose a human.


When the Player enter the world he have 30% of chance to become the TrollHunter, else he can become a Dark Wizard, or a Normal Human(Dark Wizard and Normal dosent have any abilities), You can also become a Troll Hunter by using Cheats: /betrollhunter. when you become the Troll Hunter, you get the Amulet of Daylight(DO NOT LOSE).



Amulet of Daylight(If you are the Troll Hunter: Press R to Transform, C to Detransform, X for Ability(Sword and Helmet))
Triumbric Stones(Creative only)

  • Birth Stone: Nothing for now
  • Kill Stone: Give a Shield
  • Gunmar Eye: Give a Helmet

Eclipse Armor and Sword: When the Player have all 3 Triumbric Stones, He can put them in the Amulet Of Daylight by Right Clicking the Amulet(Open a GUI with 6 Slot, 3 of them can only be used with the Triumbric Stones). When the Amulet Have all 3 Triumbric Stones, the Troll Hunter can press Shift+R to transform into the Eclipse version of the Daylight Armor, He also get a Shield(Kill Stone) and a Helmet(Gunmar Eye), Pressing X Gives the Sword of Eclipse and allow the player to open the Helmet or to Remove it. The player keep the Amulet in his inventory when Transforming into the Eclipse Troll Hunter, allowing him to change back to the Daylight Troll Hunter by pressing R.

Shadow Realm


Shadow Staff: Create a Portal to the Shadow Realm

Warhammer: Allow the Player to Elytra Fly

Wildwood Forest(New Biome)

Killahead Bridge: Spawn in the Wildwood Forest, is the only way to enter and exit the Darklands, The Portal to the Darklands spawn under the bridge and can only be opened by placing the Amulet of Daylight on the Bridge.


  • 3 Types of Trolls with 3 Different Colors for each types
  • Gumm-Gumm, Evil Troll, Spawns in the Darklands, will attack Other Type of Trolls and Players
  • Trolls will be transformed into Stone if they are attacked with Daylight/Eclipse Sword or when they are touched by Sunlight


Daylight Armor:

Daylight Armor

Eclipse Armor

Eclipse Armor

Darklands With Gumm-Gumm:


Killahead Bridge(Overworld, Closed)


Killahead Bridge(Overworld, Open)


Killahead Bridge (Darklands)


What Trolls Become when they are Attacked with Daylight/Eclipse



Modification files

The one issue I have with this mod is that when you deactivate the armor you loos the Triumbric Stones. Is there any way to fix this?