Plants Vs Zombies

Published by rModnns on Wed, 06/19/2019 - 19:28
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Minecraft Forge mod
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I would release source code but its lost in time due to me getting a new computer and not thinking to carry over my old MCreator projects.


A PVZ I Know Someone else has made a PVZ mod but its forge version is 1.7.2 and 1.7.2 from my experiences and forums Is Not A Good Forge Version. So I made this

and yay for me because this is the first time i have made my own textures (besides The news paper zombies skin)

Modification files
PlantsVZombies-1122-v1.jar - version 0.1 for KB

0.1 - introduced (Pea-Shooter, Fume-Shrooms, Repeators, and, News Paper Zombie)

Hey!! i tested the mod and i was thinking about helping you with the models of the mobs ;)

wow I am grabbing a pvz mod also believing that the only mod of that game was missing if you kiss another pvz mod from me do not get angry plis :)

Epik mod. barely did i know there's other PvZ mods. i'm currently working on my on PvZ mod.