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*** No Copyright infringement intended all recognizable features are property of the intended owners. No financial gain was made from this mod. ***

Have you ever wanted to explore the world of Harry Potter? Use the do-dads and thingamabobs mentioned in the books and movies? With this mod you can become that Hogwarts student you always wanted to be! With uniforms and dorm sets, as well as spirit items for each of the four houses (beds, banners, couches, hats, scarves). Become a prefect, Quidditch captain or even a head of house! With badges that give you special privileges like handing out detention slips, or awards, and calling meetings.

Tired of school? That's not the only thing you can do with this mod, explore different occupations and activities found in the Wizarding World.  Do you have a green thumb? With 28 new magical plants and more being added you'll have all the ingredients needed for your every potion whim. Speaking of potions... Fancy yourself a potion master? This mod adds new blocks that will aid in your potion making. From a chopping board to a mortar and pestle, even a new cauldron with a new brewing interface (this is still a work in progress and will be updated soon). Feeling brave? Why not try some of the Weasleys Skiving Snackboxes. Or, maybe test out some of their popular toys? Trick your friends with a biting teacup or a boxing telescope, show your neighbors your incredible flying car (in toy version of course!) Perhaps you're fancying a sweet with a smaller chance of harming you? With 135 different food, sweets, and drinks you'll never grow bored with your selection.

This mod is part of an adventure map that is set in the world of Harry Potter. I hope to complete the map as well as the storyline soon and upload it as a combined file. NOTE: This mod is still being updated regularly and I will post an updated version soon.

This is my first posted mod, so any feedback is appreciated. Also, if you believe content should be added please leave a comment.

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Wow i havnt seen the mod but the textures look unbelievable and it looks really cool im going to try it

There is so many new things, this is the kind of mod that I would like to see more of.