The X-files (WIP) Early development.

Submitted by the sloth on Sun, 11/19/2017 - 00:29

Based on the television series The X-files. 

This mod will mostly add more mobs into your Minecraft. (For now anyway, I will add more things in the future.) 

I am not going to reveal too much of this mod but I'm just putting it up now to see what you think of it. This is MK 0.1 so there will be faults, glitches etc... Please feel free to put in suggestions or feedback in the comments on on the forum thread for this mod. 

MK 0.2 IS NOW RELEASED! It doesn't have all the things I originally intended to add but it's better than nothing I guess.

There are still issues with the whole block texture thing because MCreator still hasn't fixed the bug where it won't let me save after exporting & the textures for blocks, items & etc.. go missing. Please take note of that. Hopefully the mob textures are still intact. Also the names of items, blocks & mobs may look like this: or something like that. If you know how to fix it please tell me.

SPOILER! If you want this mod to stay a surprise then DON'T read any further!

At this time. The mod mostly consists of mobs. Most of these mobs will attack the player & also show aggression towards villagers. 

Here is a list of the mobs from MK 0.1:

Default ghost.  This entity looks similar to a small creeper-faced blob-like creature that hovers above the block that it's standing on. It does melee attacks & will act aggressively towards players & villagers.

Skeletal ghost. This has similar appearance to the classic skeleton mob. It is equipped with an iron axe & will attack players & villagers.

Skeletal alien. Is easily confused with the skeletal ghost. It is a dark grey-black colour. (similar to a wither skeleton.) And will attack the player & villagers.

"Bug." Is a small green insect that acts aggressive towards players & villagers. In future updates it will spawn in groups of 10 to 20.

Classic alien. This is a more familiar looking fiend. It is a dark green/ grey colour & has large eyes. Like most mobs it will also attempt to kill the player & villagers.

Arsonist. (I think thats what they call it.) This mob looks similar to a vanilla Minecraft villager. However, it will throw blaze powder at villagers & the player. It will also frequently start fires randomly.

And that's all for now. (At least I think so.)

Any suggestions for future updates? (The full mod will have much more in it.)

I intended to update today but MCreator is being painful & not letting me export. 




Insects will glow & have flying abilities. 

"Eve," Will be added (Eve is a mob.)

Glitch & bug fixes.

UFO structures.

And a few other additions.


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Submitted by the sloth on Sun, 11/19/2017 - 07:24

Two downloads already. I hope you guys like the mod!

Submitted by the sloth on Sun, 11/19/2017 - 10:29

Question: Why doesn't want the mod picture to have a white background?

Submitted by Papakamel on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 13:39

This mod is definitely still expandable. Nice mod! :)

In future updates there will be much more added.
Once I figure out how to do advanced mobs I will make a mob to go with the air-vent system.

From season 1 episode 3: The mob will use air-vents to crawl around & attack the player & other humanoid mobs. When it is dangerously close, it will give off this creepy sound effect as a warning.