Cube World Mod (Picroma)

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This mod adds everything from the RPG based game Cube World. I created this mod with MCreator and Cube World was created by Wollay. P.S. I know you can ride the mobs in Cube World, but so far i couldn't find any options for taming mobs and make the players able to ride them after you tamed them. If a new Update comes up you can go to the Changelog to see what's new :).

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Beta 1.3.0

  • Added 1 new Block (Ice Spirit)
  • Added 17 new Items (Every Weapon attached with Ice Spirits, Water Staff)
  • Added 1 new Boss (Lemon Beetle Boss)
  • Added 6 new Fuels (Wood Cube, Wooden Mace, Wooden Wand, Water Staff, Crossbow, Cotton)
  • Friendly Humans are now attacking Lemon Beetles
  • Angel Statues have a Recipe now

Beta 1.2.4 (Balance Update)

  • Weapons with attached wind spirits now have a weakness and slowness effect
  • Weapons with attached unholy spirits now have a poison and slowness effect
  • All weapons nerfed (affects only melee weapons)
  • Added 1 new Item (Iron Greatsword)
  • You can now get Iron Cubes by melting Iron Blocks instead of melting Polished Andesite

Beta 1.2.3

  • Added 1 new Mob (Dungeon Zombie)
  • Angel Satues won't spawn in world anymore (It caused a lot of lags in mountains)

Beta 1.2.2

  • All untranslated things are now translated into German
  • Added 1 new Structure (Small Temple)
  • Added 1 new Biome (Lavalands)

Beta 1.2.1

  • All Friendly Humans are now attacking Bosses
  • Added 1 new Block (Fire Spirit)
  • Added 1 new Boss (Raccoon Boss) {Untranslated}
  • Added 9 new Items (All Weapons in +30) {Some of them are untranslated}

Beta 1.2.0 (All Foods included now!)

  • Cotton Candy is now in the CW Creative Tab
  • Added 8 new items (Biscuit Role, Candy, Strawberry Cocktail, Fruit Basket, Popcorn, Ginger Tartlet, Blackberry Marmelade, Cinnamon Roll)

Beta 1.1.10 (Quick Bug Fix)

  • Fixed bugged Purple Slime Texture

Beta 1.1.9

  • Added 4 new Items (Vanilla Cupcake, Chocolate Cupcake, Date Cookie, Cotton Candy)
  • Added 1 new Mob (Country Pig)

Great mod, your focus is to add a greater variation of food to the game, making your proposal pretty cool, the strongest point is the beautiful and well crafted textures, I know it's alpha the mod, but it would be cool if you add plants that drop these items, do not drop directly from the mobs, even because it's kinda strange some mobs drops these items, example add a banana plant, then you would pick up the banana and then produce the banana split with a new item (ice cream). .. This idea of ​​plants would leave the mod with much more adventure and exploration ...
But congratulations for the mod, very well done, if it continues like this, it will be one of the best of mcreator

I finally finished the Beta Release for my Cube World Mod. Check the Changelog to see what's new ;).

Submitted by proxerater on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 22:07

Oh how i miss Cube World. Wish they would update it again... but at least i have this to bring back some of the nostalgia. Good mod. 7/10

News: For everyone who is wondering why i'm not uploading updates: I'm waiting for the 1.8.2 update so please don't think I'm dead ;).