DalekCraft Reboot

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Based on two films, Dr. Who and the Daleks & Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D

Before people start pointing out that there is already a mod nearly Identical to this one, please note that I'm actually the same user from that mod using a new account due to changes with my computer. But anyway, let's go!


So far there are 7 different Dalek variants in the mod.

Default blue dalek -Is slower and spawns in dalek bases. Has a different gas type to the others.

Invasion blue dalek -Fully mobile with poison gas. Does not spawn as of yet. Also goes after passive mobs.

Default red dalek -Still slower and are less common. Equipped with poisonous gas.

Invasion red dalek -Poison gas and attacks passive mobs. (no natural spawning)

Default black dalek -Spawns in the bottom floor of some dalek bases. Also equipped with poison gas.

Invasion black dalek

Gold dalek

(They aren't actually called that in-game but you can probably tell who's who from the spawn egg colours.)

Oh! And did I mention there are new blocks too? Descriptions for items will come later. (+mob drop details)

So far, Daleks and related items are only available in creative mode. (Unless dropped from mobs)

There are dalek bases but do not generate naturally and can be spawned in creative. (Daleks are pre-spawned inside structures.)

Structures are still WIP (+trying to improve dalek floors) and minor faults/imperfections are still present. e.g, unwanted monster spawning, ect.


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