Sherisal and Friends

Published by Sherisal on Mon, 01/03/2022 - 06:55
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Minecraft Forge mod
Academic Free License v3.0
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Sherisal and Friends is a funky, funny 1.17.1 Minecraft Mod that adds a variety of Blocks Items and Spawn Eggs, the mod can be translated into French (France) and English (US)

This mod took inspiration from

1: Roblox like the Rocket Launcher and The HyperLaser Gun.

2: A universe that me and my roblox friends we created but we decided to change the name of it.

While curseforge will add other account creating options like Google etc i'll post these Modifications of my Mod in here.

Stay Tuned, don't forget to put 1.17.1 Forge and for those who have TLauncher like me put 1.17.1 Forge Optifine so it won't lag.

Modification files
Sherisal and Friends_0.jar - Version MB
Sherisal and Friends_1.jar - Version MB
Sherisal and Friends_2.jar - Version MB
Sherisal and Friends_3.jar - Version MB

Retextured Every Items and Blocks and Entities


Added Rocket Launcher, Rocket, Empty Bottle, Water Bottle.

Added Cracked Grass Blocks (Purple and Yellow), Dark Forest Biome, Dark Wood, Dark Wood Planks, Dark Forest Leaves.

Removed all 1.16.5 entities to remake 1.17.1 entities

Added a new Entity The "Core Robot" a flying robot with a red "core" inside of it.

The Rocket Launcher and the Rocket are 3D now.

Don't worry guys i'll try my best to add more translations

And one more thing, I didn't made this mod in 2022 it was in 2021.

Hey guys thank you for the 29 downloads it really supports my "little" work on this mod