Spixel's Mod - Alpha 1.0.1

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Disclaimer : this mod is still in Alpha version. Expect some bugs and missing features to the mod!

What Features will it Add if you Install this mod?

It includes over 20 mods including :

  • Spixel's Armor
  • Spixel Ingots And Nuggets
  • Like the Mixelcraft Mod. it also has it's own Cubit Named "Spixel's Cubit"
  • Mobs created by the Mixels Wiki and it's been converted by the Mod Dev.

NOTE : This mod is only for minecraft 1.10.2 right now. we might going to update it once the MCreator will support later versions of Minecraft!

Spixel's Armor Effects :
What Effects does the Spixel's Armor Has?

  • Speed I - When Wearing it's Full Armor
  • Haste I - When Wearing It's Full Armor
  • Strength I - When Wearing It's Full Armor
  • Resistance I - When Wearing It's Full Armor

Updates :

1.0.1 Alpha - Mob Update 1.0 :

  • Mobs can move instead of just staying in one spot. (Bug Fix)
  • Chrotorm has it's own Particles as his the main Mob in the Spixel's Mod
  • Mobs' Spawning Rate is now changed to rare instead of uncommmon.
  • Calabazo is now Agressive and can only be Spawned at Easy to Hardcore Difficulty of the game.

Credits :

  • Elastico345 - Mob Modeler, Texture Developer And Mob Configurator + MixelCraft Wiki Founder​
  • WitheredJawg15 - Mod Tester And Submiting hes Fan Made Mixels + MixelCraft Wiki Admin
  • Other Mixels Wiki Users And Staffs - For Submiting their Fan Made Mixels

NOTE : There are more than 30 Fan Made Mixels that i should Finished. Right Now i Add only 4 of them because They're the ones that i already finished it!

Modification files
spixels_mod-alpha-1.0.0.jar - Spixel's Mod - Alpha 1.0.0Uploaded on: 10/29/2016 - 06:05   File size: 97.95 KB
spixels_mod-alpha-1.0.1.jar - Spixel's Mod - Alpha 1.0.1 (Recommended)Uploaded on: 11/09/2016 - 23:13   File size: 99.06 KB