Nintendo Stuff Mod [sadly discontinued]

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Ever wanted to play minecraft with your favorite Nintendo characters?  NOW YOU CAN!!! With is one little mod :D 


Also the ammo for the splatoon guns:

Blue Diamonds

Red Redstone

Purple any dye

Green slime balls

And the ammo for the fire flower is plaze powder, the ammo for the pill launcher is pills, The ammo for sammus's arm cannon is sammus ingot, and the ammo for mega man's hand cannon is mega man ingots :)


Sadly this mod has been discontinued :( If anyone can help me recontinue the mod without completely restarting the mod development please tell me. I would also would like to make it a bit more ballanced and have better textures 

Modification files
Nintendo Stuff Mod - BetaUploaded on: 09/12/2016 - 17:01   File size: 303.74 KB
Nintendo - Full versionUploaded on: 09/12/2016 - 17:01   File size: 503.29 KB

Alright man how about this. Im making a wii mod, and could use some of the stuff in your mod. it seems you have a lot of stuff in it. How about I take over your mod, then I incorporate some of its mechanics into my wii mod? The wii mod will be... complicated to say at the least, but I think some of this stuff could be nice rewards for winning the games on the wii.

Can some one help me continue this mod? I deleted MCreator to get the 1.8 version but it didn't work and I re-downloaded the 1.7.10 version and I want to continue this mod Thank you if you help :)

Do You Mind If I Put this Mod On If I Do More People Will Download And Will Get More Noticed!!!
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And If You Sign Up I Will Add You To The Project!

If You Want Me To Just E-MAIL Me At And Subject [Host My Mod On Forge]
And Just Give Me The Link To The Mod Just Incase I Forget It!!!