Epic Swords Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This is now the second Version. Until now this mod contains two big swords, one small sword and a new armor. But also some more things like a crafting table, and recipes. The swords you've got until now are the Murasama from the Calamity Mod for Terraria, Genji's Katana and his short sword. The Murasama is not obtained like in the real game but I added new ingots and crafting recipes for: The Swordcraftingtable:

You can now craft a Swordcrafting Table, which is practically the main thing in this mod. You can craft the most items with this block. And I uploaded now pictures of all recipes for the Swordcraftingtable

Modification files
Epic Swords Mod V.2.jar - Added Genji Stuff398.1 KB

Hello! It's me. The creator of this Mod. I have a question. Because I heard from a friend that he can't play the Mod. Was someone able to play the mod?