Kunzen's Galaxy Wars Mod (Indev Release 2)

Published by Kunzen on Tue, 12/22/2020 - 16:46
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Versions this mod will try to support:
1.12.2 (Stable, But missing content), 1.15.2 (Released), 1.16.4 (Unstable, Missing Content)

Unlikely Version Support:
1.14.4 (Unless requested this one will not be in the works)

Kunzen's Galaxy Wars is a side project mod that I wanted to work on in my free time, This is my first full mod project, if you find any bugs please let me know. I know there will probably be a lot of them!

I started this project December 20th 2020.

Kunzen's Galaxy Wars will hopefully have Space travel and custom "villages" spread throughout the galaxy. I want to try and give players of this mod a good star wars-esq experience.

Currently this mod is unplayable in survival as it is heavily in development. If you have any suggestions for this mod please let me know!

To see soon to be added features head to the changelog!

Modification files
KGW-1.15.2-IR2.jar - Current ReleaseUploaded on: 12/24/2020 - 00:45   File size: 2.84 MB
KSW (Indev Release 1).jar - First ReleaseUploaded on: 12/22/2020 - 17:01   File size: 2.41 MB

Indev Release 2 (Released: 12/23/20)

+ Added Phase 2 Clone Armor
+ Added 3 more lightsaber types (60 lightsabers total)
+ Added the Training saber to the saber list
+ Added New Dewback model
+ Added Banthas
+ Added Bantha Meat
+ Added Beskar (Currently unobtainable)
+ Added Beskar Armor (Textures will change in the future)
+ Added 2 more blasters (WESTAR-35 and the DL-44)
+ Fixed the Blaster Bolt appearing up while moving straight
+ Phase 1 Clone Armor modeled
+ Renamed the Legacy lightsaber tab to just Legacy
+ Made Plastoid Craftable (2 Scute, 2 Iron)


To be added:

Indev Release 3 (Release date: N/A)

+ 1.12.2 Port released ( May contain more bugs than the 1.15 build )
+ Add 3 more lightsaber types ( Vader, Anakin Episode 2, Mace Windu ) this will bring us up to 96 lightsabers
+ Add Phase 3 Clone Armor ( Designed from Star Wars the force unleashed one intro )
+ Add Dewback Leather
+ Add Backpacks made of Dewback Leather (Dewback Leather Sack) **
+ Make Dewback Leather Backpacks reinforceable by Plastoid **
** IMPORTANT: The 1.12.2 version when released will not have backpacks as MCreator does not support use of item storage on items for the 1.12.2 generator. I will be looking for a work around for this however. If worst comes to worst you will most likely have a cheap leather chest
+ Add in credits
+ attempt to add in "space travel"
+ Add Mandalorian Armor
+ Finish Phase 2 Clone Armor (3D Models)

Indev Release 4 (Release date: N/A)

- Blasters not needing ammunition
+ Blaster Ammunition (Red Gas Ammo = Cheapest (Can find in chests), Blue Gas Ammo = Pricey (cannot find in chests have to buy from a trader), Yellow Gas Ammo = Pricey (cannot find in chests have to buy from a mandalorian trader), Green Gas Ammo = Cheaper (can find in chest however it is rare, have to purchase from an Imperial Trader)
+ Add Tuskan Raiders
+ Add Tuskan Villages
+ Add Landspeeders
+ Add Cantina Villages
+ Add Tatooinians

Previous Releases:

Indev Release 1 (Relased: 12/22/20)

+ Added Phase 1 Clone Armor
+ Added 24 Lightsabers
+ Added Dewbacks
+ Added Dewback meat
+ Added Plastoid
+ Added Blaster ( DC-15 Blaster Carbine )
+ Added X-Wing ( This model is a place holder for now )
+ Added the start of Tatooine

If anyone sees this please let me know what you think of the mod so far. Indev Release 3 will most likely come out next week.

Thank you! And currently there are no plans for 1.16.4 the latest version I could see to have partial support for is 1.16.2 due to the fabric generator, but that is currently very limited. if MCreator receives a 1.16.4 generator in an update or a 1.16.4 generator for a plugin then most definitely. I want to try and support as many relevant versions as I can.

It has come to my attention that there is a 1.16.4 generator for mcreator but as it is early release it does not want to work with even basic kinds of mods. for now I will not be porting the mod to 1.16.x. however, I will be doing so in the future when the generator is much more... complete.

Yes there will be plans for 1.16.4 I was able to get the generator to work. I will probably release it's port for IR5 just to attempt to iron out some bugs that happen within porting.

Cool mod :D
If you are using Blockbench, there should be some options in the Display tab to make the lightsabers render properly in the inventory (or on an item frame)

Thank you! Yes, I am using blockbench. I do plan on fixing the lightsaber's display eventually but at this current moment it is not my most important issue lol. I'll probably fix their display issue for when It comes towards the Alpha release.