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Simply a terraria mod, will (not currently) add SEVERAL new blocks, items, mobs, bosses, armor and a new hell dimension.


I do not intend on copying anyone else's work, feel free to ask about recipes or give feedback about the mod so that i can improve it.

Enjoy the mod!


Also, please check the changelog next to the downloads to see what's new, what's changed, and to see if there's anything you want in an upcoming update.

Modification files
Terrariamod v1.0.zip - the first version of the mod :) I will never delete this from the siteUploaded on: 11/03/2019 - 12:10   File size: 167.4 KB
Terrariamod v1.2.zip - granite caves introducedUploaded on: 11/10/2019 - 11:56   File size: 321.51 KB
Terrariamod v1.3.zip - crimson and corruption introducedUploaded on: 11/14/2019 - 12:06   File size: 493.63 KB
Terrariamod v1.4.zip - pre-hardmode ores introduced, marble caves introducedUploaded on: 11/17/2019 - 09:57   File size: 834.95 KB

v1.0 - can't craft any rich mahogany items or blocks yet, rich mahogany planks and mud brick blocks are creative exclusive currently. No new mobs.


v1.1 (THE JUNGLE UPDATE) - all jungle-themed items now have recipes, added aglet, anklet of the wind and boomstick all with structures underneath the jungle, hold aglet/anklet of the wind in off hand to get effect, palm wood added, edited clear ice block texture to a lighter colour.


v1.2 (THE GRANITE UPDATE) - palm trees are much less rare, granite caves added, granite table may be missing texture (will get fixed soon)


v1.3 (THE EVIL UPDATE) - added the crimson and corruption with armor, tools and recipes. Fixed the whole granite table ordeal with the textures. Crimstone and Ebonstone are harder than the other blocks in the mod, just like terraria.


v1.4 (THE ORES UPDATE) - added every pre-hardmode ore (except meteorite and hellstone) along with their tools, including light's bane, blood butcherer, war axe of the night and blood lust cluster. the nightmare pickaxe and deathbringer pickaxe arent added because they need shadow scales and tissue samples. Marble caves added. Desaturated the evil biomes. All pre-hardmode ore armor do not have recipes (mainly because the update is taking too long to make). Planning on adding my own "shovel of the shadows" and "split vein" as new corruption/crimson shovels because terraria doesnt have shovels.

Nice mod :D
Some of the textures look too saturated though (the ones of the Crimson and the Corruption)
I think that since the world of Minecraft is a lot bigger than Terraria, you could keep both biomes :)

i am quite aware of that... but slabs are already a hard thing to implement so adding in a special block that you need a certain tool, tons of models and a lot of programming does NOT sit well with me. it would also be difficult for me to get the hitboxes right. i hope you understand.