Little King's Mod

Published by TATL on Wed, 09/15/2021 - 03:04
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Minecraft Forge mod
MIT License
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Little King's Mod is a mod based on the Wii game "Little King's Story"

The mod focuses on the Civilians that spawn naturally around the world, and the King's Scepter that you use to recruit them. Defeat enemies with your new army to amass Bol, the currency of this mod, and use the Bol to create items to become even more powerful!. 

Here's a video showcasing everything you need to know:

Requires Minecraft Forge version 1.16.5 to work properly

Modification files
Little King's Mod.jar - Little King's Story Minecraft Mod v 0.1361.59 KB

Build 0.1: First build!

  • Added Oniis as a hostile mob
  • Added the Bol currency
  • Added Male and Female Civilians, as well as their Grunt Soldier Promotions
  • Added the King's Scepter and the King's Staff