Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle Mod

Published by Bumper3241 on Wed, 06/27/2018 - 20:09
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"If I told you that Kingdom Hearts wasn't the best Action RPG on the Playstation 2, would you believe me?" ~Super Derek

Yes. Dark Cloud 2 was one of my childhood favourites, and to this day, I still replay the game on my PS2 for a quick blast of nostalgia. But then, I had an epiphany.

"What if I took my two favourite games, and merged them together?"

The outcome, though unfinished, is what you see before you today.

Welcome to the Dark Cloud 2 mod

This mod adds 109 new weapons to the game, along with 14 new ores, dyed iron ingots, an actual use for Iron nuggets (Seriously, they're entirely useless.), and 3 crappy biomes that will probably probably end up being removed when I figure out how to add randomly generated structures!

Modification files


+Added Repair Powder Recipes for the new Gem tools
+Added recipes for new crafting/Georama items
*Fixed the Creative Tab bugs

Apparently, there was a compatibility issue with one of the dozens of mods I have installed, and THAT'S what caused the 'Gun Crash'. Whoops...