Hytale Craft Alpha

Published by Hytalefan on Wed, 12/11/2019 - 00:53
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hello guys I'm bringing my mod!I will show the mod elements:


Long Iron Sword

Trork Sword

Fire Sword

Demonic Axe

Skeleton Warrior

Ruined Runic Sword

Trork Chief Cleaver

Iron War Axe

Trork Warrior

rock Mace

Corrupted Grass Power

Purple Spell Book

Ax Skeleton

Emerald Grove

Emerald Grove Ruins


Copper Ore

Copper Armors

Trork Staff

Trork Hunter

Trork Shaman

Trork Chieftain

Trork Spear

Trork Sentry

Standard Trork

Village Trork

good guys and I hope to see you next post and bye!

Any problem get in our twitter!


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In development
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Hytale Craft 0.0.1 Alpha.jar - First Version267.45 KB