Slime Rancher Mod

Published by dpoopoop on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 07:01
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this mod adds the slime rancher slimes!

slimes drop plorts which craft into newbucks then 4 newbucks into a diamond!

common slimes:

Pink Slime 10 hp

tabby slime 20 hp

rock slime 15 hp (aggresive)


rare slimes:

boom slime 40 hp

honey slime 40 hp

rad slime 35 hp

hunter slime 35 hp (agressive)

phospor slime 45 hp


epic slimes:

tangle slime 60 hp (agressive)

dervish slime 65 hp

crystal slime 50 hp (aggresive)

tarr slime 70 hp (agressive)

quantum slime 60 hp

two-faced slime 55 hp (aggresive)


legend slimes (all are agressive)

overlord slime 120 hp

dino slime 120 hp

golden slime 235 hp



dry reef

indigo quarry

moss blanket

acient ruins

glass desert


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