vtubruh LOTR Mobs - The Lord of the Rings mod

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"vtubruh LOTR Mobs" is an RPG mod that adds new structures, 
mobs, weapons, armor, bosses, pets, magic, quests, and achievements. 
It will suit not only LOTR fans but also regular content-mods seekers for their modpacks!




Initially, in the "alpha" version, the mod was very small. It only added one mob, the "Nazgul," and an invisibility ring. Why? Simply because it wasn't present in other LOTR-themed mods. But time passed, and I thought about expanding it. In "1.0.0," I added more detail by including the creature's armor, animation, and structure.

Nostalgic Cover of the Previous Version

But after listening to the feedback, I realized that it wasn't enough for me to be satisfied. 
And now, after 8 MONTHS of development in my free time - version "2.0.0"

In version "2.0.0" the following has been added:

  • 3 books with information about the mod:
    1. Basic Guide
    2. Book of Creatures
    3. Book of Crafting, Magic, and more

Example Image

  • Many new crafting items have been added;
  • A notice board with 2 quest lines has been added;

  • Achievements

  • New levels of the ring with Nazgûl on Fell Beasts;

  • The ring now has a cooldown;
  • When using the ring, the shader changes;

  • The Fell Beast can be tamed;

  • In Isengard, you can find 4 colors of Warg puppies, take them in your inventory, raise them, and use them in battle; 

  • Special abilities have been added for the Fell Beast and Wargs;
  • 2 types of Ents have been added;
  • Several Ent quests have been added;

  • You can climb on Treebeard;
  • A scene from the movie where the Ents join the battle against Isengard has been added;
  • 3 Uruk-hai have been added;

  • Dozens of variations of orcs (skin, equipment, etc.);

  • 6 armor sets

  • 3 orc weapons;
  • 2 shields;
  • Boss Saruman;

  • Saruman's staff;

  • A special forge;

  • 2 paintings;

  • A dimension for Isengard has been added (due to this, the installation might be a bit non-standard, but more on that below).


  • Improved Hobbit structure;

  • Fixed doors.

Example Image

⚠️Installation (NON-STANDARD, READ):

1. Download the mod for your version https://modrinth.com/mod/vtubruh-lotr-mobs/versions
2. Download additional files https://cdn.modrinth.com/data/pGnVL7c7/versions/KrT3mRRH/vtubruhlotrmobs_map_files.zip
3. Download Geckolib for your version https://modrinth.com/mod/geckolib/versions
4. Create a world and exit it
5. Go to your Minecraft folder, then to your world folder, for example .minecraft\saves\world
6. In the world folder, there will be a dimensions folder - put the downloaded vtubruhlotrmobs folder there, replacing the old one (if prompted)

Otherwise, when entering Isengard, you will see this:

In this case, all you have to do is close Minecraft and follow the instructions above. 
If after re-entering you find yourself underground, just jump.

Why is this happening? It's related to the large map, which I haven't been able to load automatically in the dimension yet. 
Hopefully, I will fix this in the future.

These 8 months have been a challenge for me, but I wouldn't have made the mod as cool as it is without these great people:

YoshyMaker - Thank you so much for your help with the procedures. You are truly a genius.

Also, a huge thanks to EpicQuestz for allowing me to use your incredibly beautiful and detailed Isengard map!
(Original map: https://www.epicquestz.com/isengard/)

Oh yes, for the first review on YouTube and the funny scare - thanks to TheOyzzzZ, it was a pleasure that someone noticed my early version "1.0.0" and made a whole video!

And thanks to the wonderful teachers on YouTube, NorthWestTreesMCreator and ParlackStudio.
Thanks also to spectrall for his Shaders Utils.

And of course - a huge thank you to the developers of MCreator!
Without you, none of this would have been possible.

Modification files
vtubruh_lotr_mobs_ALPHA1.20.1_ver2.0.0.jar - Don't forget to install GeckoLib and the additional files.Uploaded on: 07/14/2024 - 20:49   File size: 14.38 MB
vtubruh_lotr_mobs_1.19.2_ver2.0.0_0.jar - Don't forget to install GeckoLib and the additional files.Uploaded on: 06/24/2024 - 20:41   File size: 14.35 MB
vtubruh_lotr_mobs_1.18.2_ver2.0.0_0.jar - Don't forget to install GeckoLib and the additional files.Uploaded on: 06/24/2024 - 20:42   File size: 14.52 MB

Finally, I did it... I will release a more detailed installation video and review soon.

I want to post an updated version of the mod by the end of the month. There are a lot of ideas, but I realized that it would not be possible to implement everything so quickly.

If you want to develop the universe of the Lord of the Rings, then please do not abandon this idea))