Minigame maker mod (MCMG)

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This mod you can use to make a minigame! New blocks and pads to use and to give effects! Make a horse racing game and more! Most things are creative only because they are too powerful! Use the new dimension to make a Flight game in the sky!

Blocks:Broken cobblestone: a more broken texture of cobblestone

Cloud block: See through and is found in the new dimension!

Blocker: this is 1.5 blocks tall! Acts as a fence.


Special blocks: Cloud blower: this blows out cloud blocks and moves south, this is to travel in the cloud dimension.

Elevators: This is to travel up and down and to remove blocks, do not need redstone.

3 by 3 by 3 block remover: this will remove the blocks in a 3 by 3 by 3 area!

Block removers: They will remove blocks and travel in the direction they are facing!

Redstone blocks:

Chance block 50%: this has a 50% chance to place a redstone block 2 blocks above it!

Crate placer: this will place a crate 2 blocks above it!

Pads and other effecting blocks:Boost Pad: gives a boost!

Aid pad: heals any mob on it!

Spring pads: gives you jump boosts when you are on it. Use a fall resister with it!

Night vision pad: night vision for 10 minutes!

Mud puddle: slows you down.

Fall Resister: No damage from falls.

Crate: slows you down when you hit it and it gets destroyed.

Go up block: Go up! does not work when you are flying.

Others: Zombie kit!: look and sound like a zombie!

Radios: Play the music you want. Only plays in an area. Cannot stop the music, so wait until it is over or play it in another area and leve the area.

Sling shot and rock: slows a plyer down and does not deal damage.

2 more zombies: use them in your map.

Cure drink: work in progress, but you can drink it.

Baseball bat:Does nothing.Work in progress.

Movie thing: Makes a sound.

Cloud in a bottle: Used for portal.

Modification files
mcmg_1.0.jar - .jar file latest version!Uploaded on: 07/01/2017 - 15:04   File size: 260.53 KB

Cool idea, but I think that you can make some textures better.
How did you make entity collide events? In my computer they don't work!

You need to make the block unable to collide with it by checking the setting Isn't collidable in advanced properties and then use the event: When mob/player collides block. Does this help?