Limbus Company Mod [LCM]

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Translation software is used. Sorry for any misleading expressions.

This mod is based on the game limbus company by project moon.
It adds 12 friendly mobs called [Prisoners], several enemy mobs, and a boss called [Abnormality].

Prisoners can change their [identity] and fight using a skill called [E.G.O].
Prisoners will be your friend in your adventures, as their level will increase by defeating enemies.

Enemy mobs, including Abnormality, spawn randomly at night, increasing the basic difficulty of the game.


minecraft ver:1.19.4


forge 1.19.4[45.1.0]
geckolib 1.19.4


Currently, the only language supported is Japanese.



Due to data corruption caused by my carelessness, the current latest version is the official version.

If there is any further development in the future, it will be from the beginning, which will take more time than ever before and will most likely result in a completely different system and behavior.

I would like to thank and apologize to all the administrators who have downloaded this version.

Modification files
LCM[ALPHA]1.0.0.jar - LCM[ALPHA]1.0.0Uploaded on: 12/31/2023 - 08:01   File size: 2.44 MB
LCM[ALPHA]1.0.1.jarUploaded on: 12/31/2023 - 23:20   File size: 2.45 MB
LCM[ALPHA]1.0.2_0.jar - (reupload)Uploaded on: 02/17/2024 - 18:12   File size: 2.97 MB
LCM[ALPHA]1.1.0.jar - Biome and Boss WeaponsUploaded on: 02/20/2024 - 12:19   File size: 3.1 MB
LCM[ALPHA]1.1.1.jar - E.G.O Fluid sacUploaded on: 03/28/2024 - 13:21   File size: 3.24 MB


-Made unobtainable personality tiles drop from enemies at a certain rate.

-Made recipes appear in the crafting guide.

-Weakened the weapons of ragdolls.

-Increased the cost of creating thug weapons.



-Added enemies up to chapter 5

-Added Abnormalities of Mirror Refraction Railroad Line 1 MADNESS

-Fixed what was a test status(reupload)



-Two additional alleyway biomes and buildings

-Added weapons for players derived from some bosses



-Added E.G.O Fluid sac

-A new building, the "housing chamber," was added for testing purposes. This will prevent the illusory bodies in CANTO I from popping spontaneously.

-Other minor additions

I wanted to translate this mod, so I translated everything in the lang file, but I still couldn't translate some things (such as E.G.O.'s lines), and after looking up the file, I found that this line is in the file (with an extension of .java). Could you please fix this or tell me how to translate it? (Used translator)

Thank you for trying to translate it. I too would like to see more people play the game through translation.
I am sorry for my ignorance, but could you please tell me what exactly I have to do to solve this problem? (I'm an amateur who doesn't even know what the word "extension" means.)

Not included in the 'lang file' (such as the required resources of the Ex. E.G.O. description). It existed in the file and could not find a way to translate it. I can send you a translation of the current state if you want.

I wish there was a way to move the text entered in MCreator to a lang file. Sorry I am unable to help you.
I will look into how to change the language of the text.