S-A Mc'Donalds Mod

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     Do you like go to Mc'Donalds? I like this cafe very much. And I want to build real Mc'Donalds in minecraft, but there aren't nuggets or fries here! So, I am opening MCreator to make new mod!

This mod adds:

  •     Fries

  •     Nuggets

  •     Cooking table

  •     Table for putting

  •     Many block for decor

  •     Boxes for fries and nuggets

Install this mod and play with friends! Have fun!

Modification files
[DN][Mc'Donalds Mod][1.15.2].jar - Mc'Donalds ModUploaded on: 11/10/2020 - 05:40   File size: 242.12 KB