Published by the sloth on Sun, 01/28/2018 - 21:16
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WARNING! If you don't have a fast-working computer then this mod may NOT work! Sometimes it takes forever to load a world. (But flat worlds are fine)

So in future updates I will attempt to fix this error. THE ERROR HAS BEEN FIXED! (I THINK)

NOW HAS 14 Dalek variants! NOW ADDED A FEW MORE DALEKS & ECT...!

This is only a small sample of this mod. The final product will be significantly bigger with much more content.

NOW ADDED: Renegade Daleks, Supreme Dalek variants, Imperial Daleks, 2005-10 Dalek variants & some other stuff!

This mod brings, (or will bring) the world of Daleks into your Minecraft world! So far there are only a few. variants but more will be added soon!

These mobs will attack & attempt to kill most humanoid mobs including: Villagers, Players, Illagers, Golems & Even witches & zombies! 


If you like the mod then please feel free to leave a comment or help support it by nominating it for mod of the week. Also please leave suggestions!


Based upon the BBC television series: "Doctor Who"


And thanks to Eonaut for the Original Dalek models & textures that sadly didn't make it to the final product.


New Version of Dalek-craft available: Dalek-craft 60s film edition (Still in early progress)

+Movie Daleks: Red, Blue, Black. (But attack on Melee instead of ranged.)

+Two new blocks.

+Dalek gun-stick & ammunition.



Modification files
DALEK-craft 000.5 (BUG FIXES!).jar - Latest version of mainstream mod521.52 KB
Dalek-craft 0.01.jar - 0.01 60s film edition133.83 KB