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This mod transforms minecraft into a BIT.TRIP game.

And trust me, there are a lot of em.

The health system is completely overhauled to something inspired from the BIT.TRIP franchise, especially FATE.

You can say bye bye to hunger and hearts because they are not important (yes this does mean I removed hunger)

Instead, every food item you will pick up will be automatically replaced with a core.

You can toggle the conversion of food to core using the "/conversion" command.

Food picked up from chests won't become cores, just drop them on the ground and pick them up again.

Cores are important because they are your only way to heal (AKA: Mode up).

Health works like it does in FATE. You can mode up by collecting cores, but if you take any form of damage, (it can be the equivalent of half a heart in a short fall or getting hit by the warden) you will mode down ONCE. If you take damage in the lowest mode, you die.

When you mode down, the cores will go on cooldown for 5 seconds

If you brew a Core in a regeneration potion, it will become a "Core in a bottle". A reusable core that isn't affected by damage cooldown.

 Here is a list of all the modes, highest to lowest.

All neatly alinged.

When you join a world or respawn after death, you will be in HYPER.

The higher mode you are, the more perks you get (for example, you get jump boost if you're in the mode SUPER or above)

If you use a core in META, you will gain a level of experience, these mod's equivalent of BIT.TRIP's MULTI +.

The higher the mode you are, the harder it is to mode up (for example, you only need 1 core to mode up from NETHER to HYPER, but you need 7 to mode up from GIGA to META.)


The BIT.TRIP franchise is made by Choice Provisions

The mode text were stolen from u/SBEMAILIURIZED on Reddit. (Original post) They're just a still version because MCreator doesn't allow animated textures in overlay

Modification files
BIT.TRIP CRAFT 1.3.jar - The mod that turns Minecraft into a BIT.TRIP game. [Forge 1.20.1]Uploaded on: 05/08/2024 - 11:53   File size: 312.1 KB
BIT.TRIP CRAFT 1.3 [1.20.4].jar - The mod that turns Minecraft into a BIT.TRIP game. [NeoForge 1.20.4]Uploaded on: 05/08/2024 - 11:58   File size: 311.57 KB


General changes

  • The "/conversion" command to toggle the conversion of food to cores.
  • Removed the exceptions. (apples, golden apples, etc. will be converted to cores unless conversion is toggled off)


Texture changes:

  • Made the cores pink to fit with BIT.TRIP RUNNER and FATE
  • Made the empty core containers more simplistic to fit the BIT.TRIP style


General changes:

  • Gave unique core sounds to all the modes


  • Fixed the bug where you would still mode down even if you were shielding


  • Fixed the logo because it looked funky
  • 1.20.4 Support