Minetale (Dimension testing)

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Welcome to Minetale! (testing)

This mod is meant to re-create Hytale in Minecraft.

I made this testing version in a very little amount of time and I am releasing for public feedback.

Please comment your suggestions for features I should add:) 

Current Features in the mod:

Mobs- Kweebec, Crawler, Fen Stalker, Feran, and the Goblin Warrior

Items- Sharpened Bone, Thorium Ingot, Portal Igniter, and the Feran Skull

Weapons- Leaf Blade, Wood Sword, Stone Sword, Bone Sword, Thorium Sword, Goblin Hammer, and Feran Shaman Staff

Armors- Leaf Armor, Wood Armor, and Thorium Armor

Modification files
minetaletesting.jarUploaded on: 02/17/2021 - 17:57   File size: 116.55 KB
minetale0.1.jar - New Relatively small updateUploaded on: 03/22/2021 - 13:51   File size: 197.98 KB

Added/changed the following-

Remodeled and textured the Kweebec

added Goblin Warrior

Added Feran

added testing dimension

added Feran Shaman Staff

added Goblin Hammer

added Emerald Grove Portal Igniter

added Feran Skull

Thank you! :) all my mods have been on a hiatus for the past month and I finally just got a chance to update this mod. If you would like lmk what you think of it!