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I know I'm 3 days late but I needed more days to test the mod out and I love Halloween.

I introduce to you the Halloween Mod,this mod includes....

  • 7 Mobs (Werewolf,Vampire,The Headless Horseman,Which Trick or Treater,Pumpkin Treat or Treater,Skelly Trick or Treater, and Lost Spirit)
  • 2 Foods (Pumpkin Seeds, and Candy)
  • 2 Items (Werewolf Fur, Candy Ashes, and Fangs)
  • 5 Blocks (Darkness Dirt, Darkness Wood Logs, Darkness Wooden Planks, Darkness Leaves, and Darkness Portal Block)
  • A  Biome (Darkness Biome)
  • A Darkness Dimension


Pumkin Seeds are easily crafted shown above, you will get 5 pumkins seeds.

Candy is dropped by trick or treaters


Werewolf fur is dropped when a werewolf is killed and fangs are dropped when a vampire is killed.


This is the crafting recipe for the Darkness Portal Block, it is the same structure as a neather portal and to activate it you need Candy Ashes and candy ashes are made with blaze poweder and candy

  Just like a flint n steel


Most of the blocks are found in the Darkness biome, but be awear that Werewolfs and Vampires spawn there.

I really hope you guys do enjoy this mod If you have any questions, comment them down below.






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halloweenmodoffical2nd.jar - I am 3 days late but I love halloween so why not Enjoy!Uploaded on: 11/04/2016 - 00:47   File size: 10.44 MB

This is normal if this is November 4 2016 and that there is Halloween?

Go to Mod << Fuze III The Probotector >> !

Than the November 4 2016 !