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Note! Mod can only be downloaded from Modrinth due to the large file size.

[Modrinth Link]

Adventure into a **New End** and uncover the mysteries of the ominous **Dreadnought Scientists** and their **Floating Laboratories**.Discover unique locations and technology.Start your adventure in **Endertech Infinity**150+ New Blocks,50+ New Mobs,50+ New Items,6 New Dimensions,15 New Biomes,12 New Armour Sets,12 New Weapons,A New Boss Fight,Custom Music,Custom Settings Menu,Fun Easter eggs,Much More


All dimensions can be accessed via Teleporters, crafted or obtained via tasks, or Portals.

The Concyderum

Features multiple biomes, from a blue jungle forest to the glowing mushroom covered plains and the spider infested areas. Here you can place down town blocks to summon various NPCs that will give you more tasks, as well as let you set a home you can teleport to.

The Frosthelm

Home to the vast underground city, this hub is where you will be spending a lot of time talking to the various NPCs and upgrading your gear. At the top of the city, sits the master blacksmith that can teach you the recipes for crafting some of the end game gear.

The Deepwater

A deep vast ocean dimension, with villages and icebergs sitting above the blue abyss. The ocean floor is covered in glowing mushrooms, but be careful of the husks that reside in the darker areas.

The Sandworld

A huge wasteland of endless sand, crawling with spiders at night and undead soldiers, but also rich in ores you will need to unlock most of the endgame gear.

Nyoldarria [WIP]

Split between two dimensions, Western and Eastern, this planet features a lush pine forest on one side, and a wasteland on the other.

Revamped End

Accessible via the End Portal or the End Teleporter, you will find various purple crystals, dark forests and lush green alien flora all across the once barren wasteland.

  • For bug reports or questions about the mod, please contact me via Discord.

Endertech Infinity has been in development for 3 years now, and I hope I'll always be able to improve and make it better and bigger! Thanks to everyone who has supported me and to you for reading :>

All of this being said, I hope you enjoy the mod!

Modification files
Endertech Infinity.zip - The mod is too big to upload to MCR, so I've uploaded it to Modrinth and linked that here.Uploaded on: 07/27/2023 - 09:48   File size: 221 bytes

This update features a bunch of new exciting features and content!


  • Dreadnought AI: Dreadnought Researchers now very rarely spawn in the Overworld and Nether. They can now break blocks, collect and craft items, build bases and call in reinforcements, among other things. Some of these more griefing options can be toggled in the server settings menu.
  • Added 5 new songs to the soundtrack! These can be found on Youtube, Spotify, etc.
  • Added new Frosthelm questline.
  • Added the Firespark Railgun.
  • Added Guardian Stones: Use these to hire guardians to protect your base!


  • Added 6 Raw Ore variants.
  • Lost Book reworked.
  • City Guardian internal workings redone.
  • All City Guardians now help you fight enemies.
  • City Guardians now react with emotes.
  • Added new Nethervoid Tab.
  • Added Starsilk.
  • Added new clothing.
  • Added paper lanterns.
  • Changed behaviour of Dreadnought mobs.
  • A Watershroom was displaying instead of a Kyanite Ore inside of the recipe book.
  • Effect settings weren't functional.
  • Potato Mode had no use.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Optimisations and bug fixes.
  • Other.

It gets better every time! This has got to be one of the best mods I've ever seen.

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week once again :D

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/MCreator/) and Twitter page (https://twitter.com/PyloDEV).