Endertech Infinity

Published by Nwago on Sun, 09/12/2021 - 15:14
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Endertech Infinity, is a mod that adds a lot of new features, items, structures, blocks, mobs and more!

I will not be updating this mod in the future, as I'm working on a new and improved one.
Feel free to leave feedback and ask questions so that I may improve, and create a fun and better experience with my next mod.


What does Endertech Infinity have?

-A huge underground city, filled with NPCs, a portal room, a boss arena and a parade hall

-3 unique dimensions

-One boss fight with 3 stages, each more difficult than the last

-Lots of item description to help you out while playing the mod

-A Runic Power System, custom damage values, custom armour buffs

-One custom underwater vehicle

-And much more!

Please read before playing!

Useful mods to play this with: Optifine Mod, Just Enough Items.(for performance improvements, and item crafting recipes)

Useful Infinity Keys/Cmmds:

"HOME"-open the endertech main menu, disable or enable certain features
"P"-open the runic menu
/CMMDHELPME -if you get stuck (as in a bug or something) do this, and please report the problem. You need cheats turned ON to use the command.

The city might take some time to load the first time, depending on how good your PC is.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day! ^ ^

Modification files
endertechinfinity1-2-2.zip - Mod File [ZIP]13.46 MB

Good mod. The concept of the biomes, the ocean platform and the portals remember me Subnautica: Below Zero. Is it right?