Endertech Infinity

Published by Nwago on Sun, 09/12/2021 - 15:14
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Explore a New End, and discover what the mischievous Scientists have been doing in their Floating Laboratories.
Adventure the hills of Concyderum, and face of against the hostile fauna.
Help out the folk in the City by completing Tasks, or spend all your Shards buying items from the Shopkeepers.
Dive in the Deep Ocean, or explore the harsh Sandy Wastes.

Endertech Infinity is a mod that adds a lot of silly fun content to the game.
It is intended to be played in Survival, but messing around in Creative is always fun :>

Please leave Feedback and Report any Bugs you come across!
I'm constantly working on adding new content, and there is always a big chance I might break something :)

Have fun!

Modification files
Endertech Infinity 2.1.zip - The mod is too big to upload to MCR, so I've uploaded it to Google Drive/MediaFire and linked that here.Uploaded on: 08/05/2022 - 12:46   File size: 428 bytes

Update 2.1

  • Reworked the End Biome Generation
  • End Biome Generation now toggleable via the Gameplay Settings Menu
  • Added custom armour models to all existing armour sets
  • Added new laboratory blocks and a new laboratory structure that spawns in The End
  • Added built-in shaders available on the "Fabulous Graphics" setting
  • Added Spawn Eggs within the Creative Inventory
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Reworked various textures
  • Added a new NPC in the City
  • Added new custom made Music
  • Added new ores to the Sandworld
  • Kyanite now spawns in The End again

Have fun!

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