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Published by Nouyoule on Wed, 08/01/2018 - 01:33
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Hello! You like the crazy mods? You have the good mod for you! So, enjoy!

- The famous "Derpy Dimension" is real? A lot of scientists try to find the famous dimension, they are going far in the world, and, after many pauses, they have build the good portal, but, the portal refuse to be lit. The scientists have look the Maths Maps for search the igniter. After 10 days, they have find the portal, and, they turned it on. The dimension is like the Nether, with the classics monsters, and stranges mobs far, they have walk to them, but, a big mob like them was in front of the scientists. So, the scientists have shoot a TNT on him, and, a lot of this monsters appear and run on the scientists, and they have been stunned. They are lost forever!


- Today, a lot of Minecraft players try to find the strange dimension, but, not players have find the dimension and the stranges mobs. A alone player have try to find this since today: Partlas, the Portal Searcher! Since before, he find a lot of news temples, villages and strongholds. Now, this is him the futur legendary adventurer of his world!

Now, it's also to you of find the portal toward the Derpy Dimension, the weird dimension, and triumph of all bosses who there is! Good luck!

Modification files
Derpy Mod 1.12.2.jar - The first InDev version (It's very little make).150.41 KB
Derpy Mod 1.12.2 (InDevS).jar - The second InDev version (New things, and modifications)167.42 KB

The mod is in development currently. Here is the futur things who should be add to the mod.

  • Derpy: Mobs red/purple who is like a squid. He drop also his ink sac, and can be spawn with a Derpy Face.


  • Strong Derpy: A Derpy with a Villager Golem size, he protect the Derpies and attack that whoever is hitting them. He appear always in a Derpy Team.


  • Derpy Golem: A Mutant Strong Derpy, he is very powerful, and very strong. The alone way to beat him is to be three players, or run toward a hideout for shoot him with a bow.


  • Two Manners: Now, there are two manners for going in the dimension: Going to a Derpy Biome and farm the plants for craft a Derpy Spawn or craft a Derpy Nova and click on a block for be teleported.


  • Ultime Derpy: A very rare Boss Fight in the dimension, because he appear very rarely, in difficult areas. He have 150 life points, or 75 hearts. He a Mutant Derpy Golem and is very strong, so, be careful!


  • Golden Portal: A portal only in the Derpy Dimension. He bring player toward a Golden Dimension with Golden Derpy, they are monsters.


  • Elite Portal: This Portal can be build with a Elite Derpy Portal, or in creative with the unbreakable blocks. He bring player toward the Final Dimension of this mod: The Elite Dimension, the Hardest Dimension ever! (For the time being).


  • Derpy Block: A block who compones the Derpy Dimension.


  • Derpy Stone: A block like Derpy Block, is a very solid block like classic stone.


  • Derpy Ore: A block like Derpy Stone, except than it's a ore for the Derpy Orbs.


  • Derpy Water: A water with Portal Texture and who make a blindness effect (Not the real effect) if the player is on it. The player look the world with mists!


  • Derpy Acid: The worst Lava Fluid, because he hit player if player is on it!


  • Derpy Ink Sac: This Derpy drop can be in a furnace for cook a item or block.

It's all for now, do not hesitate to test it if possible.

News mobs and other will be here soon.

The work of the mod is closed: 14 to 21 August 2018, please wait for the Alpha.
Thanks you! <20