Elemental Masters

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Elemental Masters Mod! (Update 2.1.0 :D) 7/7/19

This Mod contain more than +1600 Mod Elements!

The Mod is Available in English (US) and French (FR)

Curse Forge Download: Click Here

Mod Contributors: Goldorion/Toutoukamon


7 July 2019

Update of the Mod! Next: Changelog 2.1.1

 - = - Next Updates - = -

1.13/1.14 Version? (When possible)  (maybe in 2.2.0)

Next Bosses? (maybe in 2.1.6)

 Big Dungeons? (maybe in 2.1.6)

Elements Fusion? (maybe in 2.1.8)


 This is a Mod about Exploration, Fighting and Adventure!

Become an Elemental Master and fight back the army of Darkness!

This mod adds 9 New Ores and their gear! (Armor, weapons, tools etc...)

Also a Recipe Book for all item's craft of the Mod!

Also add 9 New Biomes and dimensions too and special items and Blocks!

All based on Elemental Varients such as Fire / Ice / Lightning / Water / Air / Earth / Gravity / Nature and Darkness as enemy!


Thanks MCreator for your Services!



Modification files
ElementalMasters-2.1.0-1.12.2-ForgeCheck.jar - Download Elemental Masters 2.1.0 for 1.12.2 with Forge Version Check! (recommended)11.21 MB
ElementalMasters-2.1.0-1.12.2-NoForgeCheck.jar - Download Elemental Masters 2.1.0 for 1.12.2 with No Forge Version Check!11.21 MB

- 7 July 2019:{Natural Difficulty and Details Update }

  • Added Spikes, Hot Spike, Electrified Spike
  • Added new Custom Sound - Electric Shock
  • Added Experience Ore: Give you XP when break ore
  • Added Stalactites in Ice Caves in Icy Biomes
  • Boulders can now Spawn in Overworld naturally like flowers (not as much as flowers :))
  • Added small rocks which generate like boulders
  • Added NEW Earth Dungeon in Earth Dimension!
  • Added Fire Spider
  • Added Clouds in the World and Dimensions!
  • Added New Stylish Armor Textures {Made by Kory}
  • Transformed all Runes Effects into 1 several Custom Potion Effects
  • Added Color texts in some items's descriptions and color names in some items/gear names
  • Now Runes uses Durability when in use!
  • Added Dark luminous Purple Mushroom in Dark Biome and Dimension
  • Added NEW Boss! Earth Titan (Model made by "Coyote Coy the Bear")
  • Added New Custom Ores only found in the Dimensions! All in the list below
  • - - - >  Endorium/ Demonium/ Freezium/ Luminium/ Naturium/ Waterium / Aerosium/ Earthium ---------- All used to upgrade armor in next update!
  • Now there is Difficulty, Item Rarity, Mobs, bosses ability and others small things like bonuses are now Rarer depending on your game Difficulty
  •  - Easy/Peaceful - Lots of Items, Rare Items items such as nuggets are easy to get and Ups are less rare, Bosses don't use their ability often
  •  - Normal - All is normal, Items items have a normal rarity, sometime hard to get or easy to get, Ups are normal drops, and Bosses uses their ability when they want
  •  - Hard - Nuggets are kind of hard to get, even after breaking 200 plants or boulder, still 0?, Ups don't even popup?, Bosses uses their ability at THEIR MAX!!!
  • [Bugfix] Corrected a lot of misspelling
  • [Bugfix] Fix propagation of grass in nature caves which was causing lag
  • [Bugfix] Other Minor bugs

- 4 April 2019:{Model Fixing and Bonuses Update}
  • Added the new Bonuses known as Ups!, Looted by ANY Mobs when kill them!
  • Added Attack Up  (Rare)
  • Added Defence Up  (Rare)
  • Added Speed Up  (Rare)
  • Added Heal Up  (Common)
  • Added Absorption Up  (Rare)
  • Added Fire Resistance Up  (Nether)
  • Added Water Breathing Up  (UnderWater)
  • Added ALL UP!  (Epic)
  • Bonuses also drops items like Nuggets or Golden Apple (Epic)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed ALL 3D Models not rendering properly in Hand/Inventory/Drop
  • [Bugfix] Fix Nature Dimension's Grass stone producing too much flowers and makes the dimension lags
  • [Bugfix] Some items were not working properly
  • [Bugfix] Some item did not have a proper exact description
  • [Bugfix] Other mini fixes :)
  • [Changes] Prepared something in procedures for next update :) About Difficulty


- 24 Mar 2019:{The 2.0.0 Big Update!!!}

  • Added 3D Models to certain Blocks
  • Added the Ender Teleportion Staff
  • Added Slabs,Stairs for the custom woods
  • Added Hammers, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Gravity, Air, Earth, Nature Hammers which does 3x3x1 with Elemental Hammer which do 3x3x3
  • Added More gear, Special Équipment part, and others things
  • Added Demonic Sword
  • Added Frozen Sword
  • Added Lightning Storm Sword
  • Added Tsunami Sword
  • Added the Supreme Elemental Sword which is crafted with the fusion of the 4 swords, This Sword is really powerful and have special effects on mobs!
  • Added uses for Extracts
  • Added More Zombies and Mobs
  • Added more Foods! such as chickens and rotten fleshes
  • Added Iron, Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Custom Woods Bookshelfs which is more efficient in enchanting
  • Added XP Runes which gives random xp, has 3 Tier
  • Added Dark Quartz
  • Added/improved 3 Dungeons in the Fire Dimension, Ice Dimension, Light Dimension, Water Dimension, Dark Dimension, More coming soon!
  • Added the Giant Squid and Cyanderman Bosses!
  • Added Omega Lightning Strike Power
  • Added Custom bookshelfs with the custom planks
  • Added Light Sand and sandstone
  • Added Earth Lily
  • Added More decoration blocks such as Boulder, Stalagtite
  • Added Earth Staffs to Tier 3
  • Added X-Ray Glass
  • Added more Temples and Structures
  • Replaced Lightning Biome with a Desert(light desert)
  • Vanilla Ores now generate in custom dimensions
  • [Bugfix] Fixed Shuriken acting as arrows
  • [Bugfix] Fixed lots of missing recipes
  • [Bugfix] Bosses didn't have player model
  • [Bugfix] Item didn't have proper names
  • [Bugfix] Elemental Fusion Table now work and have recipes
  • [Bugfix] Dark Soul now requires Elemental Fusion Table to craft
  • [Bugfix] Custom seeds did not work in Farmland
  • [Bugfix] Aaron was a little overpowered
  • [Bugfix] Changed some Recipes
  • [Bugfix] Some French translations were not exact
  • [Bugfix] Biomes were too rare and rarity decreased
  • [Bugfix] Player were not spawned at portal in survival mod(mcreator bugfix)
  • [Bugfix] Custom Fluids stopped generate anywhere!



- 26 Jan 2019:{1.9.9 Fix}

  • Improved some structures
  • Lucky blocks improved


- 21 Jan 2019:{1.9.8 More Fix}

  • Fix custom dimensions bugs and lags


- 18 Jan 2019:{1.9.7-Fix} Recipes Fix!

  • Repaired some broken Crafting recipes!
  • Some Achievements didn't work


- 16 Jan 2019:{1.9.6-Fix} Bug Fixes!

  • Little Bug Fixes


- 13 Jan 2019: {Update1.9.5-Fix}Bug Fix and Grapping Hook!

  • Added Remaining disappeared Item crafting recipes
  • Fix some bugs
  • Added Grapping Hook Item
  • XP Rune fixing
  • Messages Added
  • Fixed Messages



- 10 Jan 2019 :Update 1.9.4 Little Addings!

  • Bug Fixes
  • More Messages
  • Added 3 XP Runes from Tier 1 to Tier 3
  • Added Extracts uses, used to craft new items
  • Added new Armor Pieces :- Conflagration Boots , Mother Nature Boots, Gravi-Light Boots, Protecto-ATK Chestplate and …
  • Added Demonic Sword - Right Click with Fire Powder in Inventory to reveal his POWER!
  • Decrease Aaron's Power by -7.5%
  • Added Elemental Chickens which lay ore nuggets Instead of Eggs (Except dark chicken)
  • Added Water, Earth Zombies
  • Added +25 More Achievements
  • Improve Super Powers efficiency
  • NEW: Added Earth Tremble Super Power - Explode around you and damage mobs!
  • Added Multicolor-block - Just something I wanted :P
  • Added +10% More Messages and Improve them!
  • ALL Hostile Mobs are repaired and now can Attack!



- 16 Dec 2018 :Update 1.9.3. Achievementous and Bug fixings!

  • Lots of Bugs Fixes Including:
  • Super Powers now Don't spawn blocks in other blocks when used
  • NEW: Lots of Achievements Added!
  • NEW: Added 2 new Super Powers : - Ice Sheild
  •                                                                  - Earth Tremble
  • Added Structures : - Spawner Dungeon underground With Dimension KEYS! (and some nice loots)
  • Improved writings :P yeah
  • NEW: Mod now available in other language : FRENCH but 95% Accurate
  • Changed some textures
  • Highly Increased Bosses Power! :- Like Aaron said after defeat him in previous update
  • Aaron now can summon Mobs, give you blindness, do more damage, invisible sometime, and summon lightning that make regen +3% of his health per lightning!
  • The Demon summon mobs and have other abilities
  • The Flashning too!
  • Re-Added Ice Queen in more powerful version
  • Added some new mobs :- Ice Spider and Dark Spider
  • Added Scripts :- Dark Script and Elemental Script which might have useful purposes in next updates!
  • Nature Boots now have a Nature Trail :O!!!!!!!!!!1



- 11 Dec 2018 :Update 1.9.2 Quick Bug Fixing and Adding!

  • Lots of Bugs Fixes! Including Mobs Not attacking!
  • Some Texture upgraded by +15%
  • Mobs now attack naturally!
  • All Foods give potion effects!
  • Added 3 new mobs
  •     - Earth Silverfish
  •     - Light Zombie
  •     - Gravity Zombie
  • Added some drops!
  • Removed Plastic Buckets and Plastic!



- 9 Dec 2018 :Update 1.9.1 Remake of Elemental Masters Mod!

  • IMPORTANT : The mod that been remake entirely because of a bug in MCreator 1.8.0!
  • Added Extracts! (Coming Soon in Next Update)
  • BIG ADD: Ore plants can now grow and give fruits!!! Put the seeds in your crafting slots and you will get Sprouts! Plant the sprout in Farmland!
  •   They have 5% Chance to drop a Nugget of their ore name and Elemental Plant have 1% chance!
  • Added Portal Frames! Use them as Frame for portal and to go into the dimensions! So less expensive!
  • Some Lucky blocks now Loots! and they can Spawn naturally!
  • Added more messages to help players!
  • Added Plastic with Plastic Bucket!
  • Bug Fixes!
  • BIG ADD: Added of Mobs with their own loots! :-
  •     - Lava Cow - Spawn in Fire Biome
  •     - Electric Cow - Spawn in Electric Biome
  •     - Ice Zombie - Spawn at dark!
  •     - Fire Zombie - Spawn in dark!
  •     - Toxic Spider - Spawn in dark!
  •     - Fire Pig - Spawn in Fire Bioem
  •     - Ice Pig - Spawn in Ice Biome and Ice Plains!
  •     - BOSS: Aaron Master of Darkness - Boss :P
  •     - BOSS: The Flashing - Boss :P
  • Added Dungeon 1: Fire Mini Castle in Fire Dimension
  • Added FOODS!
  •     - Dark Flesh
  •     - Elemental Fruit
  •     - Strawberry
  •     - Pineapple - With Cool Pineapple Juice!! Yay, can be made with An Empty Bottle, Water Bucket and 4 Pineapple in crafting Table
  •     - Blueberry
  •     - White berry
  •     - Colorless Fruit
  •     - Dark Potato - Can be cooked in Furnace
  •     - Added Raw meats and Raw Porkchop looted by new mobs! - Can be cooked in Furnace
  •     - Peas
  •     - Cyan berry
  • Advance in Recipe Book by +15% - Added some more pages (I am lazy to do that :P The pages are ugly made by MCreator)
  • Remove the Ultimate Tablet (Temp)
  • 11 Nov 2018 :Update 1.9.0 of Elemental Masters Mod!
  • BIG ADD!!! - Elemental Recipe Book for all recipes
  • Added the Supreme Elemental God's Tablet!
  • Bug fixed
  • Added Fusion Gem
  • Messages Fixed
  • Added a Water Plant
  • Added an Elemental Plank
  • Super Power : Lightning Strike completed!
  •                           : Water Throw: Shot water at your Enemies! uses Water droplets crafted with water bucket!
  • 45% of all recipes added in Recipe Book
  • 9 Nov 2018 :Update 1.8.9 of Elemental Masters Mod!
  • Some Bugs Fixed
  • Some recipes added



- 7 Nov 2018 :Update 1.8.9 of Elemental Masters Mod!

  • NEW: Added Elemental Lucky Blocks! Coming Soon!



- 31 Sep 2018 :Update 1.8.7 of Elemental Masters Mod!

  • Improved Textures
  • Added 2 new Creative Tabs for Elemental Plants and Special Elemental Items
  • Added 3 new plants : Elementum / Gravitum / Snow Flower
  • Added Elemental Souls
  • Added Unbreakable Bricks (Only in Creative Mode)
  • Bugs fixed
  • Added 2 Spawn Eggs : Wither and Dragon
  • Added Steel Stuff, armor, ingots, sword
  • Added Darkium Ore and Darkium Gem, Dark Gem and another hard recipe for Dark Key
  • Mobs Health improved
  • Added more Fluids : Healing Water / Poison water / Electric Water, / Ice Lava
  • Added Fuels for elemental Logs/Planks
  • Added 3 Super Powers(Items) : Fire Throw - Shot fire at your enemies and place fire!(Require Fire Crystal Powder)
  •                                                          : Dark Hole - Attack all Mobs around you and create a big attack with Massive Damage
  •                                                          : Lightning Strike - Make lightning fall on all mobs around you (Coming soon)
  • Added 14 Structures : Electric Waste in Desert/ElectricBiome
  •                                         : Love Fountain in Forest (I would like flower forest but it is not in biome list)
  •                                         : Ruins / Poison fountain in Swamp
  •                                         : 6 Air Block with a chest underground with loots inside chests, different rarer types with better rewards!
  •                                         : A box with lots of Fire Crystal blocks and blaze spawner (used to get fire crystal powder)
  •                                         : Fire Temple in Taiga/Fire Biome
  •                                         : Water Temple in middle Oceans/Water Biome
  •                                         : Light Temple in Desert/Electric Biome
  •                                         : Dark Temple in Dark Biome
  • 10 Sep 2018 :Update 1.8.6 of Elemental Masters Mod!
  • Added The 3 Last Dimension - Earth - Dark complete - Gravity
  • Added Planks with All Elemental Wood Type
  • Added Cobblestone for Elemental Stones Type
  • Added Elemental Runes which Grant lots of Bonuses and Effects!
  • Added New Weapons and Tools, Ex. Swords, Drills, Shurikens...
  • Added new Plants and Components, Ex. Light Dust, Cactus Spikes, Blue Flowers, Clovers...
  • Most Items have their Crafts!
  • NEW ELEMENT!!! Nature Element with all it's gear and Components!
  • Ores of the mod now generate in Nether!
  • Added some Misc Items which have their utilities!
  • Biomes Weight decreased!
  • The Mod's Ores generation increased!
  • Added Starter Gears when enter the world (Can be activate with Ancient Tablet only in Creative or it will bug)
  • Drills are used to break hard blocks
  • Elemental Staffs have their effects written on the Items
  • 1.12.2 Available for the Mod and new features!!! (Unfortunately Not 1.11.2)
  • Added Ores seeds to be planted (Coming soon in next update)
  • Many Textures Fixed!
  • Many Bugs Fixed!
  • Exploits Glitches Fixed!
  • Added more particles effects!


End of Changelog!!!

Your mod is really nice!!! I have a question. Can I put a mcr datei from mcreator 1.7.5 to a new client like mcreator 1.8.0?

Just to tell you... I think The Flower Forest is actually a Mutated Forest... So... look for that and you might be surprised...

Sorry guys, the Next update who will complete the lucky blocks, recipe book, super powers and other thingies might be ready very late due to workspace bugs and and 1.8.1 that not supports my 1.8.0 elements, that 600+ Elements that need to be redone but fortunately, textures are saved :D

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/MCreator/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MCreatorModMaker/).