Legend of the ender

Published by Crayeights on Tue, 02/16/2021 - 12:33
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EnderCave is how this Mod started and know I call t Legend of the ender, I been working on this mod for years and had to restart it countless times this mod in 15% completed but i do have some nice biomes set up in the Ender Cave dimension and plant live and a new animal in the caves. they look creepy but cut but that is the point of most of the creatures I'll be adding to this mod. I will be uploading soon as i get all plants working as intended and the wet Glimmerstone working properly. I will be re-adding cave structures gens back soon. I had to redo everything and its been fun using the new MCreator to make this happen. I am working on this & on life, so as we all know its always a endless project, figure ill upload what I have so I am not show as a dead user. thanks to everyone that has waited for me to make this upload and its a bare bones at this time. I have a long list of armors, weapons, animals, nature life, and working on the lore updates of minecraft has charge some of the lore.

important info use The Obsidian and the mods flint and steel so go in the caves and check it out. the Texture for the portal is just a place holder nothing more. will be updated


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Wowie! This looks cool. I'd suggest adding some more screenshots and expanding the description though.