Project: Reform "The Ultimate Craft II"

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2 Years ago... I stopped the developpement of "The Ultimate Craft"...

But today, in 2020, I decided to merge all of my old mods to make it better, and... it came back as...


Alright, alright lol, you probably remember me as the name of "gabrielcordonnier", yes, that's my real name, I got a bad english back in 2018. If I'm in this brand new account, it's because I lost the password, and from now, I will be in this account.

What is Project: Reform?

Project: Reform Mod is an sequel of a old mod I made in a old account named "The Ultimate Craft" back in 2018, and since I lost motivation and got alot of bugs into it, I decided to make that mod, that's why.


What is Project Reform Mod based off?

Project: Reform will follow the same base as The Ultimate Craft, RPG-Based and Adventure-Based. Also, it's all my old mods (excluding InfectCraft) merged.


Anyways, let's get started!



First of all, the ores.

  • Mantenium Ore (Including his block, and his gem)

It's a purple ore, which is rare to find, just mine :p 

  • Ethonite Ore/Block/Gem (Original: Mega RPG)

Green ore, not that hard to find.

  • Bluestone Ore/Stuff (Original: Power Ore from The Ultimate Craft)

A blue ore that you can find in the Mecha Dimension!

  • Phazon Ore

Similar to the Magma block, but blue. Gives Crystal Gem when mining it.


  • Darkness Log/Planks/Stairs/Slab/Leaves, you can find all of that in the Darkness Biome.
  • Endizium Ingot/Block/Bricks. Endizium is only obtainable by finding a village in the Ender.
  • Crystallium Block. A crystal block, used in the Stonelands Dimension :p
  • Underground Stone Bricks.


Dark Wooden Kit: A lil' more stronger than regular wood.

Mantenium Kit & Armor: Stronger than Diamond.

Ethonite Kit & Armor: Faster tools, but weaker armor.

Bluestone Kit & Armor: Really strong (The sword has 35 Attack Damage)

Ender Sword: 26-28 Attack damage, dropped by the new Ender Boss.

Killbot Sword: 37 Attack damage, dropped by the boss of the Mecha Dimension.

Ender Confusor Staff: Dropped by the Ender Confusor. (Mini Boss)

Robotank Laser: Dropped by a Boss in the Mecha Dimension.

Phazon Staff: Dropped by a Stronger Wither.

Zyllager Hammer: 24-26 Attack Damage, dropped by the Zyllager.


NOTE: This also includes Biomes.

Mecha Dimension:

The Dimension of the robots, you can find Bluestone ore here. There are 2 Biomes: The Mechanical Biome, and the Matrixlands Biome.


Stonelands Dimension:

This is the Crystal Stonelands Biome, here you can find Crystal Spikes, Crystal Mushrooms, Crystoshrooms (Crystal variant of Moshroom), and more!

There's also another one, the Zyschroom Biome, this one is still in progress, more features will coming soon.


A really peaceful biome... (I don't think so)



Dark Biome (Original: The Ultimate Craft)





Overworld Structures:


-Ender Chibi House

-Robotic Shelter: The only way you can access to the Mecha Dimension.

-Stonial Shelter: The only way you can access the stonelands, the portal frame is the stone block, if the stone of the portal is replaced by something else, then too bad for you :^)


New structures for the Ender...

-Ender Village

-Endium Dungeon

-Ender Mage Tower

-Ender Chibi House

-Ender God's Palace


Structures of the Stonelands Dimension:




There's not only that, there's even more structures.


Overworld Mobs:

  • Ogre (Original: Mega RPG)
  • Living Head (Original: InfectCraft)
  • Possessed Soul
  • Shadow (Original: Mutant/Advanced Dark Steve from The Ultimate Craft)

Nether Mobs:

  • Whir (A mini version of Wither, 50HP)

The End Mobs:

  • Ender Beast (A Stronger Enderman, 75HP)
  • Ender Chibi (Passive Mob, rideable and can be found in Ender Villages, and Ender Chibi Houses, 15HP)
  • Ender Mage (45HP, Spawns in Ender Mage Towers)
  • Ender Confusor (Mini Boss, 130HP, drop Ender Confusor Staff)
  • Ender God (Boss, stronger than the Ender Dragon, 350HP)

Mecha Dimension Mobs:

  • Robot-A (Weakest Robot, 18HP)
  • Robot-B (Laser Robot, 24HP)
  • Robot-C (Big Robot, 50HP)
  • Robot Beast (Neutral, 85HP)
  • Robots Mother (90HP)
  • MinionBot (8HP)
  • Killbot (The king of the robots&bots, 400HP)
  • Probot (20HP, the Robots' predator)
  • Including the pet version of Probot
  • Robophobe Pet (Stronger Probot)

Stonelands Mobs:

Crystal Stonelands:

  • Crystoshroom (Crystal Variant of Mooshroom)
  • Crysteyon (50HP)
  • Crystal Bear (40HP)
  • Crystalized Human (20HP)
  • Crystal Bull (Boss, 250HP)


  • Stone Crawler (28HP)
  • Cave Mite (34HP)
  • Blackstone Spider (40HP)
  • Stone Golem (27HP)
  • Caveygron (1st and Hardest Boss of this biome, 510HP)
  • Zyllager (Harder Illager, spawns in Zyllages, 200HP)

W.I.P. Mobs

  • Phazon Wither (A stronger wither, drops the Phazon Staff, 400HP)


Alright, the description is finished.

If you want to ask more questions about this mod or helping, join the discord server below!


Anyways, stay tuned for more updates!

I hope you'll enjoy!

Project members
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Texture designer
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In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
Project Reform [build-05232020 For Testing Purposes Only!!].jar - First Private Test Release (Now for public, V0.9)311.83 KB


The Ultimate Craft (Original) Version 0.1 (01/20/18).

First version of the original mod.

Blocks,Mobs, and more stuff got added.

The Ultimate Craft (Original) Version 0.5: First Major Update (03/07/2018).

  • Lava Monster was now stronger and now have 250 HP.
  • Ultimate Knight became a MiniBoss.
  • Removed Moon Dimension. The Moon Block/Brick are now for Creative Mode.
  • Ultimaton And Herobrine Spawner are now available.
  • Added Staffs,Swords and Weapons.
  • Added 1 Boss and MiniBoss.
  • Added 3 New Types of Spiders.
  • Added Dark Biome (Dark Trees, Dark Rock, Dark Mobs).
  • Added More Stuff !!

Project: Reform (New one) Version 1.0: The Revival (06/16/2020).

Welcome back, The Ultimate Craft.

  • Improved End, by adding more mobs, structures, and a new boss.
  • Dark Biome got added again in this new mod, but W.I.P.
  • Blocks from the original mod (such as Phazon Rock, Dark Wood, etc...) got added in the new mod.
  • 2 Dimensions were added, one of them is still in progress.
  • More of blocks, ores, weapons and items were added.
  • Bunch of Mobs&Bosses were added.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Also you need better trees, use structure_block and make the spawn rates of it in between 300k and 600k

You can make tree structures to make them more complex if you want to make them less vanilla though ;)

What I do for my mods is basically don't even use the normal trees at all and just set the trees per chunk as 0 and make my own tree structures.