Luna's Crimson Invasion

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Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024


The time has come for the nether to strike back! The Crimson Forests burn brighter than ever.


This mod required GeckoLib to work!


"Heyyo! First of all thank you for trying out my mod :3 It's my first project ever and honestly i learned alot since before this I have basically never done any sound design, 

texturing or 3D models so I am very happy with what i have done so far. <3 Since I plan to continue working on this every feedback is VERY much appreciated!" - Luna

For information on crafting recipes etc join the Discord Server!


This mod is heavily vanilla styled! I always try to make everything I add somehow fit into Minecraft's general style.


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Captain Zellmoth

Corrupted Armor

Crimson Ore

Crimson Wand

Fiery Berries

Crimson Highpriest

Other Items


This Mod is still under development!

Since I am new to all of this I took a little longer for this haha c: I have prepared a roadmap tho what I want to add!

Feel free to leave some suggestions <3








Modification files
lunas_crimson_invasion-1.0.2-forge-1.20.1.jar - Luna's Crimson Invasion 1.0.2 - 1.20.1 [Forge]Uploaded on: 05/28/2024 - 22:31   File size: 2.02 MB

Version 1.0.2 Changes

- Fixed a bug where Captain Zellmoth would constantly spawn naturally
- Reworked Captain Zellmoth to have animations and 4 battle phases (This is the first version of it just so i can ship it out for now! Will work more on it in the future!)
- Made Mutated Toadling Walking Animation more drastic
- Added Sounds to Mutated Toadling
- Added new Biome "Corrupted Wasteland" (also early version to ship it out with the bug fixes!)
- Added Dark Nether Brick blocks and new Crimson Blocks! (only obtainable through the new structure)
- Added new Structure "Zellmoths Arena" -> Spawns rarely in the new biome
- Changed Crimson Highpriest Villagers profession block to "Crimson Ritual Stone" (only obtainable through the new structure and will change in the future!)
- Added new Food item "Grilled Toadling Chunk" #crafting-recipes 
- Added new Prism Altar block (only spawning in the new structure) to spawn Captain Zellmoth
- Removed Recipe for the Crimson Wand. You can get it as a drop from Captain Zellmoth now!
- Fiery Berry Bush doesn't apply slow anymore

"I missed a very crucial bug when I shipped the last version. I fixed it and decided to ship my early development stuff of the bossfight, structure and biome. That means it will definitely change alot in the future! Thank you all for downloading and giving me feedback! Already made it past 100 downloads <3" - Luna


Version 1.0.1 Changes

- Added Sounds when using the Crimson Wand
- Added Sounds when using the Wooden Spile
- Replaced Textures of Overheating and Exhaustion Effects
- Changed Recipe of Sappy Berry Juice from Shaped to Shapeless
- Mutated Toadling no longer flips to the side while dying and shows correct death animation
- Changed Mutated Toadling's Spawn Egg color
- Fixed Mutated Toadling's range attack + added Sound to the range attack
- Added Projectile for the Mutated Toadling's Cannon
- Tweaked some damage and knockback values for the cannon projectile
- Added Recipe for the Corrupted Smithing Template 
- Added more Villager Trades to the Crimson Highpriest and changes profession block to a Crimson Fungus in a Pot (Yes its only temporary till I have a real profession block but little Fungus is cute c: )
- Fixed Corrupted Armor Values and added a Set Bonus (See for yourself <3)

"Gonna work some more in the following days especially adding new blocks / entities!" - Luna