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You were a humble farmer boy. Living a simplistic life style with his family. However, you always had this burning passion to break out of the farming business and explore the world for yourself. As you grew up this desire burned into your heart stronger and stronger. You would argue with your family about leaving and heading east to start a new life. Finally, the day you turned 18. You told your parents that this was goodbye. They cried but respected your wishes. You heard about a place from your close friends that has riches beyond anyones wildest dreams. A place you could start a new life. One even better then the American dream. Juliana. So you set out on foot to the land of Julius. Little did you know it was going through a bloody war. Resistance fighters face the new crowned tyrant called Julius. Will you be able to gear up and explore these lands. Possibly slaying the tyrant and saving everyone? Only you can decide that now.  

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Juliana.jar - Version 1.0Uploaded on: 06/09/2023 - 16:44   File size: 6.33 MB

I hope you love this! It's my first mod! Still in progress but rest assured, I will update it till its finished :D