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Welcome to my new, amazing mod: Chocolate™!


Once upon a time, after the defeat of the Ender Dragon and the Wither, new dangers have been discovered... You are now set on adventure, to defeat the ??? and save Minecraft's world!

A sweet twist to Vanilla, with a top cherry to enjoy!

1.0(.1) Features!

  • Magmaless Blocks and Bricks
  • Onare Gem, Block, Armor, and Ore
  • Aquagold Ingot, and its Block and Ore
  • Bloomond, and its Block and Ore
  • Iron Bolt for Iron Factory Block
  • Nautilus entity and the 1.13 shell that spawns in Beaches
  • Fish Bones and Pufferfish Bones
  • Neotal Ingot, Block, Ore, Dust, Sword and Infected Zombie
  • Chocolate item and block
  • Elder variant of Prismarine Stuff
  • A new dye with lots of stuff
  • Squirrels, jellyfish, classic zombie and... wait, is that Wumpus?
  • Nuts, coconuts, leftovers and a Cracker for them
  • All-new dimensions! Explore the remains of a corrupt-attacked mesa with a Flint and Neosteel on a Terracotta frame, or whistle in a new monochrome world of Netherified Classic Canes and White Concrete...
  • A spawn egg for the Illusioner
  • Achievements!
  • Structures (credits for niski for helping)
  • Many more stuff!

What this Mod will include in the future?

I know its mean't to be hidden, but:

  • More aquatic mobs
  • Toads
  • Even more ores
  • More biomes and trees
  • OreDictionary use (To make Quark Magma Bricks drainable)
  • Seecret Addition Days
  • Ice Dimension, based on a old mod i planned
  • More Zombie and Skeleton variants
  • More stuff
  • A new boss based on the famous Shadowed Three-Headed Golem picture
  • More dyes

1.1 Features!

Not yet...


Magmaless Blocks are a lavaless variant of Magma Blocks, and the first item ever added! :D they can be found in the nether, and can be crafted to Magmaless Brick blocks like how you craft Stone Bricks: (MBL = Magmaless Blocks, MBR = Magmaless Bricks. Also N will be Nothing, NT is neotal however)


Onare is a gem found in the overworld and can be used to craft a block of it and armor.

Iron Bolts are solely used to make Iron Factory Blocks. Their recipe is: (II = Iron Ingot, IN = Iron Nugget, IB = Iron Bolt)


Nautilus spawn in beaches and try to fill the emptiness there. They drop their shells.

Fish and Pufferfish Bones are simply decorational items.

Neotal has a bigger use than Onare. It can be used for a better-than-diamond-sword sword, a block, Flint and Neosteel, and it even has an infected zombie!

Chocolate is - well - chocolate. It can be crafted into a block. Recipe: (C = Chocolate, CC = Cocca Beans, L = Lapis, M = Milk)


Elder Prismarine is crafted with a edgeless circle of Quartz circling normal Prismarine. It can be crafted into all types of Prismarine stuff, but i think i forgot to make a recipe for Elder Prismarine Shards and more :|

Aquagold and Bloomond are simple useless-but-cool gems that can be used for blocks. Armor and Sword coming soon?

Jellyfish might look passive, but they zap you when you're close to them. Use a bow to defeat them for... Nothing.

Swooping Weed is NOT another of these weed memes, its a simple grass that looks like kelp and swings in the wild.

Polluted Water is currently creative-only, but in 1.1 it will appear somewhere. It gives you a reason to burf when you're in it.

Emerald Green is a new dye, that is made with green and light blue dyes anywhere in the table. It can be used for normal dye stuff.

Fish Seeds are also useless and are creative-only. Why did i implement them?

Squirrels are annoying and noisy. However they drop nuts so that is good. Just don't click them...

Coconut is loved to be collected by wumpus Frost Pigs.

Byro Stone is a rather fancy stone variant that can be crafted into a polished variant.

The Cracker is a machine used for cracking stuff and getting leftovers that do nothing. Recipe: (CS = Cobblestone, PSTN = Piston, CRCR = Cracker)


The Neoworld used to be a world of happiness before the "creature" ruined it by corrupting it. Now it is known as the Corrupted Mesa.

Classic Zombies are simply zombies with a fancy cartoon cane and a monochrome world behind them. Some say you can find them in a monochrome dimension full of them... And somehow they started to appear in Desert Hills.

Classic Canes are simple canes that can be dropped by classic zombies. They can be netherified using a edgeless circle of Magma Blocks (top and down) and Lava Buckets (sides) with the cane in the middle.

Frost Pigs are found on ice biomes and jungles. That is how they have coconuts.


We have a discord! Here is the invite:


Q: Do you have discord?

A: Yes we do! Click the link above to go to it!

Q: who is niski?

A: niskiENDERMAN from Geometry Dash and this web.

Q: Will there be more dyes?

A: Totally yes!

Q: Do you know the wae?

A: Bad boy, no cookie for you, brudda!

Q: What mods you recommend to use with this?

A: Cucumbunga, Raolcraft Omega, BetterFPS (oh boy you'll need it), Chisels and Bits, and last, Quark.

Q: Do you know the wae?

A: Is this a FaQ or an Uganda Knuckles fanon meeting?

Q: ADD [feature] NOW!!1

A: No, don't spam us with these...

Q: Can i post this mod on [modwebsite]?

A: No. I am one of the people in the #StopModReposting (thus if you dare to repost it or credit it as yours i will DMCA u)


  • I would like to thank niski for helping me with structures
  • I would like to thank Mojang for creating this awesome game
  • I would like to thank the Forge creators for making this amazing tool
  • And last but not least, MCreator for bringing me to here :)
Modification files
chocolate_0.1.jar - The First Alpha140.65 KB
chocolate_0.2.jar - The Next Alpha210.28 KB
chocolate_10_theupdatethatchangeseverything.jar - The Update that changes Everything!841.71 KB
chocolate_101.jar - Simple Fix Update 1840.62 KB

0.1 - The First Alpha

  • Magmaless Blocks and Bricks
  • Onare Gem, Block, Armor, and Ore
  • Iron Bolt for Iron Factory Block
  • Nautilus entity and the 1.13 shell that spawns in Beaches
  • Fish Bones and Pufferfish Bones
  • Neotal Ingot, Block, Ore, Dust and Infected Zombie
  • Chocolate item and block
  • All of these in organized tabs (Until 0.2)
  • Unused textures for upcoming features
  • Clean charcoal texture

0.2 - The Elder Additions

  • Removed tabs
  • Added Elder Prismarine, Shards, Bricks, Dark, Crystals, and Sea Lantern.
  • Added Aquagold and Bloomond (still no ores however)

1.0 - The Update that Changes Everything

  • New ores for Aquagold and Bloomond!
  • A story!
  • Tons of new entitys, like the electrifying Jellyfish and the nutsome Squirrel!
  • Polluted Water! (will generate soon)
  • A new dye - The Emerald Green dye! (Sheep not included)
  • Fish Seeds for no reason, creative exclusive currently
  • Nuts, Small Nuts, and leftovers!
  • Coconut, Filled Coconut, and a leftover shell!
  • Byro Stone and Polished Byro Stone!
  • The Cracker, a machine to crack open your Neotal Ingots and the 2 nuts!
  • A sword made with Neotal!
  • Achievements!
  • 3 new biomes!
  • Two new dimensions - The Corrupted Mesa a.k.a Neoworld (Normal Terracotta Frame) and the Monochrome Dimension (White Concrete Frame)
  • New blocks!
  • New items!
  • Amazing amount of features!
  • Removed Herobrine
  • Added Wumpus?

1.0.1 - Simple Fix Update 1

  • Fixed generation of structures

The reason it takes so much for 0.7 (Yeah, yeah, im skipping 0.3-0.6) is because of many new reasons.

Nice work buddy, had a question for you? Did you figure out how to get upper slabs to work?

1.1 with vanilla biome improving and more
also fast info the update wont be another from chocolate 1.0(.1)