Ludicrous Gambit

Published by Blitzz on Fri, 07/09/2021 - 13:31
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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[JEI IS RECOMMENDED] (Oh and not all the planned stuff in the mod has been added yet)


(the name that came up after like 2 renames)


A mod that adds in new bosses, materials, lore (eventually), a difficulty mode, and more

It even has tags, if you're into that



  • Athium - A dull metal that can hold a lot of potential for some experienced blacksmiths. Found starting at y=32 and needs at least an iron pickaxe.
  • Winnite - A strange mineral which holds the power to make its owner victorious! Found starting at y=19 and needs at least a diamond pickaxe.
  • Anthemite - A crystal somewhat soaked in blood. Found in the nether starting at y=60 and needs at least a diamond pickaxe.
  • Temporium - A dense gem that accelerates time around it due to how time works in the End. Needed to fuel acceleration chambers. Found in the End and needs at least a diamond pickaxe.

Crafting Stations

  • Acceleration Chamber - A strange machine that can fuse things inside it with extreme time manipulation and acceleration. Needs temporium prisms and athium ingots. Can be used to make things like twisted alloys and even netherite ingots!


  • The Slayer of the Red Dragon - Legends tell of a hero that had once defeated the Red Dragon that razed entire villages in ancient times... Some say that this person still roams the lands to this day. Of course, if that were true, he had to be pretty dang old.
  • The Man of the End - The Ender Dragon was the last line of defense to prevent the End from taking over the other dimensions and well, now that you defeated her... Well, let's just say you're not the only one using that portal that she spawns on death...
  • Aurama, the God of Wealth - Along the way you may have noticed those towering golden temples in the Overworld. Those are built in worship of Aurama, the god of wealth. They say that if you were to sacrifice your greatest treasure to the god themselves, they will grant you luck, wealth, the greatest luxuries of the land. There are some people skeptic about this supposed "god" though...
  • The Omnicube - A titanic cube made of some of the strongest metals of the universe, mass-produced so that each unit can maintain order within the realm. No one is certain who or what built them, let alone if they even exist or what they would even do to get their jobs done...

New difficulty mode

  • Found under game rules, this mode will make all enemies arguably stronger with more health and strength! It even has the power to make all bosses harder, some affected more by it than others! In the future, this'll add exclusive loot to bosses.


For cross-mod compatibility if you're into that. (probably should have just put this on a text file.)

forge:athium_ore, forge:athium_ingot, forge:raw_anthemite, forge:carnis_metal, forge:winnite, forge:winners_ingot, forge:unrefined_temporium, forge:temporium_prism, forge:omniplate, forge:solidium_fragment, forge:twisted_alloy, forge:emerald_nugget, forge:diamond nugget, forge:essence_of_wealth, forge:essence_of_elementality, forge:orange, forge:pear, forge:fruit, forge:ender_dragon_blood

Will be published on curse once at least 70% of the stuff has been added in

Modification files
ludicrous_gambit-1.16.5-0.2.jar - The most recent update3.88 MB
ludicrous_gambit-1.16.5-0.1.jar - The first release2.6 MB

v0.2 - New invasion event, the Undead Army

  • 13 new undead mobs and a boss
  • Starts spawning naturally every night starting at a 10% chance

Other stuff:

  • Tweaked some armors
  • Buffed the true golden tools
  • Added new materials such as infernal shards, putrid bars, etc.
  • Added the Solian Reactor dimension (currently inaccessible)
  • Made ores slightly more common

(Will update description once I get back from taking a break)

v0.1 - release