Darksteel Redemption

Published by Chapface on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 21:21
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The Darksteel Mod is a mod primarily focused towards the adventuring aspect of Minecraft. As well as adding a story element. (It will be much more existent in the full release I swear)

Currently the images are out of date, I will update them when I can.


The Darksteel Mod currently contains

  • 522 elements in total
  • ~27 items
  • ~110 blocks
  • 15 entities
  • ~11 hostile mobs
  • 3 "ambient" entities
  • 2 minibosses
  • 2 bosses
  • 3 new types of stone
  • A new ore set
  • 2 biomes
  • ~11 structures (not including trees and such)
  • A mini-dungeon that can only be found with commands
  • 18 advancements
  • A dungeon building kit
  • ~156 recipes

Dungeon Building Kit

The Darksteel Mod comes with a creative tab of items helpful for dungeon building. These include:

  • Key
    Used for unlocking Lock Blocks. Cannot be crafted.
    Using it will destroy the key.
  • Lock Block
    An unbreakable block that can be removed with the use of a key, removing it from your inventory.
    Meant to be used to block certain areas until the player obtains a key.
  • Boss Key
    Used for unlocking Boss Lock Blocks. Cannot be crafted.
    Using it will destroy the key.
  • Boss Lock Block
    Like a Lock Block but more intimidating and uses Boss Keys.
    Meant to be used at the end of a dungeon, where a boss would be located.
  • Redstone Lock Block
    Similar to a standard Lock Block, but it is only removed with a redstone signal.
  • Lock Block Chain
    Breaks when a neighboring block changes and a player is in survival or adventure mode.
    This is usually used in situations where the only possible block change is a type of Lock.
    It's main purpose to make a single Lock Block block off a larger gap than a single block.
  • Dungeon Curse
    Changes all players in survival mode that are in a 42 block radius switch to adventure mode, and all outside adventure players back into survival.
    This is used to prevent cheating, while not creating some annoying unbreakable chunk of area.
  • Fragile Dungeon Curse
    Has same effect as Dungeon Curse. However, you dont need an item to remove it. You just need to reach it to undo the curse.
  • Curse Key
    A key that drops from the boss. Using it can get rid of the Dungeon Curse, allowing you to break and place near the dungeon.
    Using it will destroy the key.
  • Boss Spawnblocks
    Currently can spawn the Wither, the Darksteel Berserker, the Darksteel Brute, the Giant Brillfly, and an Elder Guardian. These act like Lock Block Chains, but spawns it's respective boss/miniboss when broken.
    More will be added in future updates.
  • Surprise Block
    A block that will do one of 21 random things (or has ~30% to do nothing and vanish). Whether or not it activates is toggled with /ToggleSurprises (Default on)
    Note that the block can spawn entities, and edit blocks directly below it. This block is mainly used to reduce repetition a little.


Items and Blocks

There are a fair amount of items and blocks to consider in the Darksteel Mod.

Ores and Metals:
The main way of getting Darksteel is through killing Darksteel based enemies. These enemies drop Darksteel Nuggets, and rarely Darksteel Ingots.
Darksteel tools and armor are one tier above diamond in the same way diamond is one tier above iron. However, Darksteel is much less durable than diamond.
Darksteel can also be obtained from chests and such, like other ores. 
Darksteel can also be used to make darksteel pillars and darksteel walls. If you ever end up with too high a quantity. Darksteel Pillars and Walls can be found as parts of structures, but they can't be reverted into ingots.

There are also Lightpearls which are an ore that spawns near the surface of the Ruins biome. Lightpearl Ore drops Lightpearl Dust, which can be crafted into Lightpearls, which can then be crafted into Lightpearl Blocks. Lightpearl Dust is used to make Light Bullets, the ammo needed for the Lightsprayer.
1 Lightpearl Dust is also used in the Darksteel Nugget to Darksteel Ingot recipe. having it the middle with 8 Darksteel Nuggets surrounding it.


Ruinstone is the primary building block used in the Ruins, as well as the rock beneath the grass. It can be crafted into Ruinstone Bricks, Polished Ruinstone, and Chiseled Ruinstone Bricks. Combining Chiseled Ruinstone Bricks with a Lightpearl will grant a glowing Chiseled Ruinstone Bricks.

Gravtite is a brown stone located in teh Deathly Woods. It can be crafted into Polished Gravtite, Gravtite Bricks, and from there Chiseled Gravtite.

Lemonstone is a plated stone that can spawn in sandy areas, such as beaches and deserts. It has a brick, smooth, polished, and chiseled variants, similarly to Ruinstone and other such stones

All stones have stairs, slabs, and walls.

Currently, two wood sets exist. Deathly Wood, and Coffee Wood.
Deathly Wood is found in the Deathly Woods biome, it is a dark desaturated wood. The trees also drop rotberries, a low value food that can be eaten quickly.
Coffee Wood is a bright wood found in most grassy biomes. Its a small tree that drops coffee fruit, which can be turned to coffee beans, and then coffee.

Vases can be crafted with a 7 clay. Bottom two rows filled completely and the top only in the middle.
They can be colored to red, blue, green, or purple, using the respective dye and a blank vase.
They can be used to store small amounts of storage, and will spawn with loot in structures.

Darksteel Knight Heads and it's variants are purely decorative blocks that rarely drop from Darksteel Knights and other such variants. Unlike most heads, they cannot be worn standardly. The Staff of Replication is needed. Darksteel Heads are one of the blocks with special effects when worn. Being, Darksteel Knight variants become neutral.

The Fractured Sundial is a powerful tool that skips shortly ahead in time whenever activated with redstone. Best used in quick succession.


The Darksteel Mod has 15 entities currently.

The Dutent is a passive mammal native to the Ruins. It drops Dutent Ham, a slightly better steak. Dutents cannot be breeded, but can be tamed. They will occasionally give all nearby players a couple positive potion effects when tamed. (Rate isn't very high, though)

Darksteel Drone:
Darksteel Drones are weak flying machines controlled through light manipulation. They drop darksteel nuggets and do not spawn in the world naturally.

Darksteel Troops:
Darksteel Troops consist of Darksteel Knights, Darksteel Lightsprayers, Darksteel Spearmen, Darksteel Warriors, and Darksteel Mages. Each having alterations in design and attack methods.
They drop darksteel nuggets, bars, uncommonly ingots, rarely their respective weapon, and very rarely, their heads.

Darksteel Brute:
A high ranked troop of the Darksteel Empire that follows under the rule of the Darksteel Berserker.
He drops darksteel materials as well as his damage increasing item called "Brute Force".

Darksteel Berserker:
One of the generals of Darksteel Empire stationed at the Time Temple to conduct studies of time manipulation.
He drops several Nuggets, bars, and Ingots, a Curse Key, and his Fractured Sundial.

Giant Brillfly:

An adult brillfly. An uncommon sight to be sure.
It drops a brillgem, which can be used to make a brillaltar. Which can then be given lightpearls to give night vision.

A member of a more humanoid variant of Brillfly.
The Brillknight drops the Staff of Replication, and will spawn in the world during night around a player.
The Brillknight can spawn once per player.

A few ambient entities, dont have much use.
But they make it look better so they're welcome.

The Darksteel Wiki:

The Darksteel Mod now has a wiki. I apologize that it's mostly uncompleted, it's still a work in progress.
It contains crafting recipes, mob stats, some known bugs, random trivia, all the good stuff.
Except there's still many missing pages and its pretty much discontinued until the full Redemption update is out.

Click here or the header thing to go to it.

The version mentioned throughout the description and images is still in beta.
So keep that in mind

Modification files
Darksteel Redemption 21w04a_0.jar - Current snapshot. Has most features the full release will.Uploaded on: 01/28/2021 - 13:58   File size: 2.98 MB
Darksteel_ V1.1.0(Beta).jar - Newest version with a lot of added features. Is in beta, but is still much less buggy than the older versions.Uploaded on: 09/22/2020 - 04:19   File size: 2.56 MB
Darksteel_Mod(V1.0.2).jar - The newest pre 1.1.0 update. Very buggy. Not recommended.Uploaded on: 08/13/2020 - 04:55   File size: 986.42 KB
Darksteel_Mod(V1.0.1).jar - The initial release download of the mod, plus bug fixes. Is somehow less buggy than 1.0.2Uploaded on: 08/10/2020 - 02:47   File size: 666.04 KB


  • V1.1.0 Redemption (20w04a Snapshot)
    -Added Brillknight boss
    -Added Staff of Replication (with various effects for different blocks)
    -Added Coffee, including trees, wood, fruit, beans, and coffee itself.
    -Added Darksteel Mage and Darksteel Staff
    -Added tree saplings
    -Added Nightlighting and Recharging enchants.
    -Added two advancements
    -Added a couple structures
    -Added a single event to the Surprise Block
    -Reworked Deathly Woods biome, and its wood
    -Redid loot tables
    -Redid Pits
    -Tweaked Darksteel Knight's (and their variant's) movement.
    -Some retexturing
    -Bug fixes
    -Added (unfinished) Simplified Chinese translation. (It was made by qsefthuopq on CurseForge, and was made for the previous 1.1 beta version. But couldnt be added at that time.)

    Note: I honestly could've missed some things. So I apologize if I did.

  • V1.1.0 Beta (Redemption Update)
    -Added unfinished Deathly Woods biome, with all it brings
    -Revamped the Ruins and added many features to it
    -Added Pastime Facility mini-dungeon (only available through command /give @p spawn_pf)
    -Added Darksteel Brute and Giant Brillfly mini-bosses
    -Added Brute Force, Brillgem, and Brillaltar items/blocks as drops for minibosses
    -Added Darksteel Warrior variant for the Darksteel Troops
    -Dutents can now be tamed
    -Added Spawnblocks for Wither, Elder Guardian, and the new mini-bosses
    -Added Fragile Dungeon Curse
    -Added Redstone Lock Blocks
    -Vases now have storage and generated loot
    -Added "Ambient" features that can be turned off with /toggleAmbience
    -Revamped Lightsprayer and switched its ammo out
    -Added more advancements
    -Recipes are now given in-game
    -Reorganized creative tabs (about time)
    -Edited Darksteel Spearman model to fit animation error instead of just fixing the error.
    -Ruins biome significantly less common
    -Changed and fixed loot tables
    -Improved various textures
    -Other small changes and additions
    -Many, many, MANY... bug fixes. Seriously, there are so. many. bug fixes.

  • V1.0.2 
    -Added new Darksteel Spearman enemy.
    -Added new structure.
    -Added in-mod logo.
    -Added Holy Lighting enchantment.
    -Added placeable heads for the other variants of Darksteel Knights.
    -Vases now have 4 new colors. (Bland, green, blue, purple.)
    -Vase's old texture is now the texture for the Red Vase. Vase uses a new texture.
    -Improved Darksteel Pickaxe texture.
    -Made Dungeon Curse's effect more seamless.
    -Lightpearl Ore now drops 1-4 Lightpearl Dust instead of consistent amount.
    -Darksteel Ingots now require 8 nuggets and 1 Lightpearl Dust. To make it harder to obtain pre-diamond.
    -Other such fixes and small edits.
  • V1.0.1
    -Bug fixes.
  • V1.0.0
    -Initial Release

WOAH... When I seen the icon and the name I thought this will be new boring ruby-like ore pack. I WAS WRONG!

Update it a little and submit it to motw. Strucutre and texture are really nice. i already try to make good armor texture a lot but i never, never succeed.

Thanks! And honestly, armor textures seem to be a hit or miss kind of thing for me. I may submit for motw at some point, but it'll probably after a big update or two. It's in a sort of testing phase right now.

Awesome mod, it can win MOTW :)
Rather than setting players to adventure mode the Dungeon Curse could add mining fatigue, similarly to the Elder Guardian

Thanks!And actually, I tried mining fatigue at some point in a mod I tried to make a long while ago. It works, but the problem is that it also slows attack speed, which I didnt want.
Though, the setting to adventure mode thing could also be better done, and I think there is a way to prevent the breaking of blocks without fatigue or adventure mode. Ill have to change that at some point.

And I may submit for MOTW, but not quite yet, I want to make sure its in a more polished state before submitting.

Mining Fatigue doesn't change attack speed, it's just a visual effect (there also is a procedure block for disabling players from building now by the way) :)
Anyway, cool update, you should probably change the name of the mod though because there are so many material mods here it might be mistaken for one of those :/

Oh really? Huh, well, I'll try to find an alternative to the adventure mode switch using mining fatigue and disabling building then.

And, I do want someway to make it clear from the name that this isnt a material mod, I've kinda grown to the name. So Im trying to find a way to make it clear it isnt a material mod while keeping the name mostly the same. I certainly could've and should've gone with a better name upon release, but yeah.


This mod looks great!
You might have a fair chance of winning Motw if you submit it :D