[V1] The Ancient Mines

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( Kind of testing mod )


Welcome to the ancient mines!

Explore the mines and tunnels of the ancient minecrafters!

The ancient mines can be found on Y -10 to 10 on pre-defined rings.

Each mine has a variable size and a different amount of Gem Deepslate.

Gem Deepslate can grant Diamonds or even Netherite. Not all will drop something tho.

Maybe i'll add more features to the mod and the mines later, for now this is just how it is.


Below there's a short TXT file for those who want to try the mod out (Find ancient mines, make custom ancient mines etc.)


Modification files
ancient_docs (TXT).zip - Some intel if you wanna get spoiled (TXT FILE)Uploaded on: 08/26/2023 - 23:02   File size: 625 bytes
anciency.jar - The Ancient Mines V1 (MOD FILE)Uploaded on: 08/26/2023 - 23:04   File size: 118.52 KB