Joe's Desert Survival Guide

Published by HellishBro on Sun, 06/06/2021 - 21:29
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When you want to load up a superflat world, which preset will you choose? Classic? Well, by using this mod, you can start a superflat in desert!


By using this mod, you can now survive in the desert! Start by punching sand. Combine three pieces of sand to make compressed sand, which then can be broken and get different items. After getting a ton of wood scrap, make planks! Collect sticks and make your first weapon! Night is getting dark, and look how thirsty are you. Craft a sandstone smashing machine to make stone. Then craft a cactus water container! In the main time, craft a furnace so you can make some glass bottles. make filter paper!


Oops, almost spoiled the whole mod. Enjoy!


 - HellishBro


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