Farm Adventure

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Farm Adventure 2.0 is in development !

Farm Adventure is THE mod for a biggest adventure and for explore your world.

The mod add many things for your adventures  and your expllorations and even more in the version 2.0 !


The mod is in English (Default language) and in French (Fr, Ca, Be, Lu and Ch).

Mod Contributor : Loic_MaitreDuFeu

Post your ideas, bugs and everything related on the mod on the Official Forum Topic.

CurseForge Page

My Discord Server

My Youtube Channel (I don't speak.)


|=| Next Updates |=|

It's what I'm planning for the future updates. I can change at any time.

Minecraft 1.13.2 (As soon as possible)

Many new Stories and Adventure

Custom Armor Models

New Custom Musics ?


Question ? Comment ?  Say me it in the comments !

In hoping that you love my mod,




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Release type
In development

Hello everybody !

=|= Version 2.0 =|=


Version 2.0 of the mod is there for me to add all the things I should have added in the first version of the mod. I try to release a snapshot a week (Sunday evening, Quebec time). Discover the novelties.

  1. Five primordial Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Ether)
  2. Elemental Dwellers and Boss
  3. Many new Biomes
  4. Many new Dungeons
  5. New Structures
  6. Many new Mobs (Passives and Hostiles)
  7. Many new Plants
  8. Many new Food
  9. New Command(s)
  10. New Storie(s)

And many new things !

Farm Adventure 2.0 Adventure and Biosphere Update


Snapshot 04g20 :

Features  :

  • Added Ether Element :

           Ether Element (Item)

           Ether Boss

           Ether Dimension

           Ether Achievement (Kill Ether Boss)

  • Infos Book
  • French translations of new elements


Changing :

  • Renaming Forge V2 for Forge 2.0


BugFix :

  • Cokker 3000 and Forge 2.0 don't have textures
  • Many translations weren't deleted.
  • Some other minor bugs


Thanks you for downloading and enjoying my mod !







Snapshot 03g20 :

Features :

  • Added Biomes :

          Big Mountains

          Big Ocean
          Mesa Desert
          Magic Forest


  • Added Vegetation Blocks :

          Magic Leaves
          Magic Log
          Magic Planks
          Japanese Leaves


  • Added Custom Musics :

          Ambient 1
          Ambient 2
          Ambient 3


  • Added new Commands :

          /sethome (Create a home (You can create only one home.)
          /home (Teleport to your home)


Changing :

  • Saphir Ore now span in ocean and frozen ocean biomes
  • Rubis ore now spawn in Fire Element Dimension, Savanna, Mutated Savanna, Savanna Rock, and Mutated Savanna Rock biomes.

Snapshot 02g20 :


Features :

  • Adding the new logo in the mod
  • Adding new Zombie Dungeon (not finished)
  • Adding new Skeleton Dungeon (not finished)
  • Adding new Floating island in Air Dimension


Changing :

  • Decrease the rate of spawn of Elemental Boss.
  • Removing of water in Air Dimension
  • Way of luck spawn now under the ground.


Bugs Fixed :

  • Enter in earth’s dimension, air’s dimension, water’s dimension or fire’s dimension made the game crash.

Snapshot 01g20 :


Features :

  • Adding new Adventurer Armor (scuba helmet, angel wings, Speedy Gonzales’ Pants and Rabbit boots)
  • Adding raw primordial elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
  • Adding primordial elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
  • Adding Fire Element Dimension
  • Adding Dwellers of the elemental dimensions (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
  • Adding Elemental Boss (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)


Changing :

  • New 3D Model for Crafting Table 2.0
  • Changing craft for Crafting Table 2.0
  • Changing Maximal damages that armors absorbs change for Titanium Armor, Saphir Armor, Rubis Armor and Dragonium Armor
  • Changing of differents values of Dragonium Armor
  • Changing efficiency and enchantability values of titanium, saphir, and rubis for tools and swords
  • Changing max duration Dragonium Bow for 15 000
  • Decrease of the bullets knockback of titanium, saphir, rubis and dragonium bows


Bugs Fixed :

  • Tab Others was named Farm AdventureOothers
  • Forge 2.0 didn’t have rotation in inventory.
  • Purple Alien didn’t have a “P” in the name.

Mod Version 1.3 (Textures Update):

New Features:

  1. Almost every texture has been changed for a 32x texture.
  2. Emerald Chest has been added in mod.
  3. Ultimate Dragonium Tool has been changed for Dragonium Hammer. It is more powerfull and now, it can mine like a hammer, in 3x3x3, but Hammer mine 2 blocks in front of player and one block behind player.
  4. Dragonium sword, dragonium bow and dragonium pickaxe have now a 2D textures.
  5. Tnt 5x, 20x, 50x, 100x, Zeus tnt, Lava Tnt and Water tnt are now back !
  6. Dragonium Arrow, Anti-Water Magic Power, dragonium rubis and saphir spikes have been removed.
  7. Electrozite ore, ingot and electroblock generator have also been removed.
  8. Farm Adventure Armor has been removed for Farm Adventure Fight and Tools (Before it was farm Adventure Tools and Weapons)
  9. New translations for French Canada, French belgique, French Luxembourg and French Suisse.

Bugfix :

  1. Some translations were missing in French.
  2. Again some minor bufix.

Enjoy with Farm Adventure, and continu the Adventure !


I wish you a good time with it, and I want your feedback, your opinions, and your suggestions.


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Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week!

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Submitted by Klemen on Mon, 02/18/2019 - 17:27

I suggest you to add some screenshots to your mod page so potential users can see what they get with the mod :)