EternalCraft [Awaiting re-make]

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Minecraft Forge mod
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 lore: when the universe was created essence was abundant. People used it to enrich their lives and tools but as time went on, civilization evolved and essence was no longer needed to live, one day all the extracted essence decayed, corrupted, and damaged the land. The world started to destroy itself, as nobody contained the essence in their tools. 


Currently contains 15 mod elements most of them being achievements or recipes

-Early warning: Do Not, I repeat. DO NOT right-click with corrupted essence.


Essence - the fuel and crafting ingredient of this mod.

Corrupted Essence- Decayed essence, a dangerous substance that corrupts all it touches


Corrupted Essence Crystal- A group of Corrupted Essence,  crystalized into the nearby rock.

Essence Crystal - Unused essence, crystalized into the nearby rock.


[Update: Due to the surprisingly high number of downloads, I am re-making this mod.]

[ETA: 1 month Till Beta]

Modification files
EternalCraft 1.0.0_0.jar - Outdated / Untested80.56 KB