Crazy Snakes

Published by Marti536 on Thu, 03/23/2023 - 17:47
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This is a raiders mod, there are raider bosses, a snake boss and a slime boss, there are new slimes and a new creeper. There is a new material, the gem of the gods, it is used to craft armor and various weapons, such as crossbows and snake ranged attacks. There are also some structures like the house of slimes or the thorn fortress. The slimes that are there are the mimic cube, the maze slime, the mimicube, the mimic queen, and the MX slime. The pillagers that are there are mostly fish thorms such as the frog thorm, the normal one, the cilten, and the guardian one, but there are also other things.



  1. PILLUGER Is a defender of the pillager structures, this mob doesn't go to raids.
  2. MUSHOOM CHIKEN It's like a chiken but she attac the chikens to convert them.
  3. CORRUPTED PIG It's a green pig, you can find it in the end.
  4. CORRUPTED FOREST You can find it in the end, the corrupted pigs spawn in.
Modification files
CrazySnakes-1.19.2-forgee-v1.2.jar - This version in not completed.Uploaded on: 05/13/2023 - 10:56   File size: 1 MB

v1.0: Added thorm, cilten thorm, guard thorm and thorm frragments.

v1.1: Added revolvingsn, 6 bosses and anaconda.

v1.2: Added structures and fuli.