Nomun's Spooky Halloween Mod

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Welcome to the spooky world of Nomun's Halloween! 


One of your experiments has gone horribly wrong... or right. But you can't bask in the glory for too long, because now an army of angry spirits is out to take revenge for your affronts to nature! You must descend to the bowels of the earth to gather "Spooky Shards" (at the very bottom of the stone layer), collect the blood of your enemies, and create new life to stop these spirits!

Only the most horribly unnatural creations can stop what you've started. 

This mod adds a new ore, called Spooky Ore. It adds armor, a sword, a pickaxe, and a shovel made of the stuff. Use it to create and battle new and unnatural creatures of the night. Beware, because every so often the bell tolls and the Stalkers spawn to take you out. If you don't take them out first, they may grow stronger over time!

Fight 3 minibosses of your own creation to craft the Ghost Doll, summoning the Ghost itself. Once killed, it drops a talisman that can be used to stop the Stalkers once and for all.


If you require assistance, check the advancements or comment on the mod page.


I made this mod in 2 days to prepare for Halloween, I will not be updating it ever. I'm quite happy with the current state.

Modification files
Nomun's Halloween 1.19.2.jarUploaded on: 10/30/2023 - 23:01   File size: 463.45 KB

Initial Release.


  • Stalkers
  • Spooky Ore
  • Spooky Armor, Sword, Pickaxe, and Shovel.
  • Blood from non-undead creatures and arthropods.
  • 3 summonable minibosses that drop the required items to summon-
  • The Ghost, the final boss of the game. Killing it and using the Talisman 'beats' the mod.

This mod has no updates planned.