Oriental Dinasty

Published by sas101 on Sun, 04/02/2017 - 02:40
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In development
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Oriental Dinasty is a mod that makes minecraft like a Oriental rpg,new weapons,armors,biomes,dimensions and much more! this is my first mod,hope you like! There's so many bugs and i will solve it. if you found bugs please comment and i will try fix! thanks to Mcreator and you for downloading! :)

Beta released :)

new models for weapons and solved the weapon on top of head of samurais and ninjas :)


beta II released :)

removed 90% of the magic plants and that may remove lag of hamachi servers (please dont download now, solving texture bugs)


Modification files
oriental_dinasty.jar - 1.14MB of space (1.11.2) Old version (Alpha)1.14 MB
orientaldinastybeta.jar - 1.16MB of space (1.11.2) Old version (beta)1.16 MB
orientaldinastybeta2.jar - 1.15MB of space (1.11.2) New version (beta II)1.15 MB

hello sas101! good mod , but i think you should put more effort in the description , with a changelog and something about mobs , items and blocks!