Trapped Souls

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In development
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Play through a brand new quest in this mod!

This mod adds in 9 new blocks, 1 new dimension, and 10 new items!

You can find all of the regular recipes using Just Enough Items.


You will need to combine all of these with Alchemy Powder on the Alchemy Table.

Powder goes in top slot, item goes in bottom slot.

Arrow ⇒ Spectral Arrow

Bone ⇒ Skull

Glowstone Block ⇒ Sea Lantern

Blaze Powder ⇒ Flame Spell

Golden Cookie ⇒ Enchanted Golden Cookie

Rotten Flesh ⇒ Zombie Spell

Melon ⇒ Aqua Spell

Gold ⇒ Hearty Spell


I will try and release updates as often as possible!


Modification files
TrappedSouls010.jar - First Version August 13 2018250.6 KB

Version 0.1.0

Trapped Souls Block

Soul Fragment

Soul Fragment Ore

Fourth Plane Gateway

Fourth Plane

Soul Scepter

Wither Rock

Chiseled Wither Rock

Wither Platform

Wither Statue and Empty Wither Statue



Alchemy Table

Alchemy Powder

Flame Spell

Golden Cookie and Enchanted Golden Cookie

Zombie Spell

Aqua Spell

Hearty Spell

Texture of that block with eyes look very similar to glowstone texture from halloween texture pack on Xbox 360 and Bedrock edition. It's kinda sus