The History Update

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Have you ever wanted a storyline to added into minecraft, new mobs for you to fight, and new ores to mine? Have you ever wanted to become a professional Minecraft baker, and to go to the Underworld? Then this is the mod for you! Introducing The History Update! While we're still adding in tons of new features for you guys, we already have added in SO many features!


Build 2:

Added abandoned houses, they provide you with a tad bit of loot.


Feature List:


Limestone Ore: A powerful New Addition to Minecraft only found in the Underworld.

Hardened Amethyst Ore: Another more powerful tool and armor set only found in the Underworld.

Oil Vein: These are common veins that can be used as fuel.

We're currently testing some new ores and such such as Hardened wood and stuff. While these are in the game, they haven't been finished and could be buggy.

Tools and Armor:

The Limestone and Hardened Amethyst Tools and Armor: More powerful and durable than Netherite.

Emerald Tools and Armor: Ever thought if Emerald tools were added in it would make emeralds better? Well now we have.

Obsidian Tools and Armor: While slightly worse than diamond, It's still a really powerful Toolset.


The Snowberry: A common berry that can be used in many different recipes.

The Snowberry Roll: Whether it's raw or cooked, It's a delicous food.

Snowberry Pie: A pie that tastes good raw or cooked.

Snowberry Drink: A flavored drink made with snowberries.


We added the Underworld and the Lyre.

The Lyre is the realm in which Herobrine lives.

The Underworld is a new dimension where new ores and wonders lay.


The Ghoul, a powerful mob that kills nearby animals and players. Once it kills something, it spawns another ghoul.

Herobrine, the most powerful creature in all the game. When hit, he will spawn a ghoul


All this and so much more!

Modification files
The History Update 1.0.jar - The Full and latest release of The History Update.16.73 MB

1.0: The Survivial Update

Welcome to the full Release! This all took a lot of hard work, but It's finally here!

Removed Slopes.

Added Dr. Ivan Diamondbane's Lab ||| A Lab with a spawner inside that generates above ground

Added the Aether ||| As per request we added the Aether, which is very dangerous, but very rewarding.

Added Recipes for the lighters to the portals that go to The Lyre, The Underworld, and The Aether.

This and a couple of bug fixes.

You can't have "minecraft" in your mod name, maybe name it something different