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Published by Blitzz on Sat, 11/28/2020 - 04:13
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A mod meant to add way more stuff. Specifically, even more late-game stuff.



Bunch of new items, achievements, biomes, bosses, artifacts, structures, all that.


A lot (JEI recommended)


Volatile Biome - A mountainous biome devoid of any plant life. Ashes everywhere and contaminated water. Uninhabitable, yet strangely enough, there have been reports of life adapting to this harsh environment... Even stranger are the flying bombs that roam around that place...

Icy Wasteland and Frozen Wastes - A very cold biome. Life struggles to thrive here. Weirdly enough, a few brave souls have managed to find....altars in here.

Thorn Forest - A strange forest consisting of giant thorns instead of trees. A large fruit can be found here.

Forsaken Lands - An abandoned forest. Doesn't appear to follow the laws of time weirdly enough...

New materials:

Ancient Wood, Aurium, Red Alloys, Enchanted Alloys, Loopium, Eternal Gems, a bunch more!



Opulentus - Essentially the avatar of Greed itself. Holds many riches for those lucky enough to survive its wrath!

Frigus - An imprisoned spirit of what was once the king of a technologically advanced civilization. Unfortunately, the place he is being held in is way too far to travel by conventional means... Strangely enough, there are altars that appear to link to that place! If only anyone knew how to activate them...

Temporas - A result of a horrible catastrophe taking place in the time-space continuum! Defeating it may yield great consequences!

Jared - The champion of Minecraft! Or was at least. No one could seem to find him right now though... Unrelated, someone went missing in one of the ancient stone buildings...

Necro Class:

Make use of the useless junk that zombies and skeletons drop and turn them into powerful stuff!


Also there is a new structure in the End. Hidden in the "skies" lies the Voidsmith. If you are not sure what those eternal gems are used for, they may land a hand.


(May add a wiki for this at some point...)

Modification files
surplus-mod_1.2.1.jar - Most recent (and probably the last one)Uploaded on: 12/23/2020 - 06:18   File size: 1.79 MB
surplus-mod_1.2.jarUploaded on: 12/16/2020 - 04:28   File size: 1.41 MB
surplus_mod-1.1.jarUploaded on: 12/07/2020 - 02:29   File size: 1 MB

v1.2.1 - Things and stuff

  • Added the Necro Class!
  • Added Jared
  • Fixed Aurium body being uncraftable
  • Gave some previously unobtainable stuff recipes!
  • Added new mob, Noob (will flee unless you defeated Jared!)
  • Various miscalleneous changes.
  • And fixes.


v1.2 - Added lots of things

  • Temporas boss
  • Aurium and Fundamental materials
  • Opulentus is now actually worth killing
  • A bunch of festive stuff, why not!
  • End Seeker now only spawns in the Nether and the End
  • New structures, notably the Ancient Time Shrine. You need a timeless key to break in.
  • Even more miscellaneous stuff


v1.1 - Fixed various things.

  • Added the Forsaken biome and with that, ancient spirits and gilded warriors.
  • Added 2 apples
  • New mob, the End Seeker. (drops ender pearls and sometimes eyes.)
  • Added Ancient Wood tools.
  • Added pocket sun
  • Heart of the Glacier has an alt recipe. Hard to craft though.
  • More miscellaneous stuff
  • Et cetera

v1.0.1 - Permafrost blocks fixed. Mod details added.

v1.0.0 - release