Age of Agents (Season 3) Easter event

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this is a new version of Age of Agents if any admin sees this delete the old one (Agents of block)

need to push back the update to next week because of the new mod


As you could see the name has changed from Agents of block to Age of Agents


Long ago there was a war between Blockcode and the Order. the Order were winning but one day Blockcode pushed thorough. and destoryed the Order and and both have been gone ever since intil today both have come back why how that is you need to find out Agent


Season 3: story name: The WAR  game play name: Quest frenzy

Welcome to Age of Agents Season 3 some new things with Season 3 are new Agents. new type quests (lore quests) which are the new way to get recipes for Age of Agents items

sneek peek at next update:

more side quests

new Order agent

new Blockcode Agent



Modification files
season 3 age of agents.jar - 0.10 (season 3)254.4 KB
Season 3 Aof Agents Easter event.jar - 0.11 (season 3) Easter event258.74 KB

Agent Easter

Easter quest